Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Saucy Mustard VS Steam #6: McPixel

Darth Vader.

A bear's asshole.


What do all of these things have in common? I don't know.

McPixel is a game heavily inspired by Saturday Night Live's MacGruber sketches, which was itself clearly inspired by the TV classic MacGyver, which was probably inspired by The Iliad or some shit. So there's like five layers of parody going on here. Maybe. Look, I'm not going back and counting all that.

And in the end, isn't everything just, like, inspired by the universe, man?

So what all of this means is McPixel is a very simple game with a very simple premise. Every level of every chapter features a series of six sequences. These are single screen point and click puzzles where the objective is to defuse or otherwise somehow dispose of a bomb within 20 seconds. Like the Warioware series, these sequences are quick and absurd, throwing you into one nonsensical situation after the other with barely enough time to be baffled.

Presented with the above situation, how do you proceed? You have 20 seconds, and a
mistake will result in the deaths of you and everyone you love.

So, did you think to grab the Poké Ball (yes, that's what it is) and kick the sumo wrestler in the dick, then throw the Poké Ball at the dynamite? If you did, you have what it takes to play McPixel.

And if you didn't, you must suffer the burning intensity of sumo flatulence.

Like even the very best classic point and click adventure games, to proceed you'll have to think like the developer. But because the creator of this game is clearly insane, more often it will be a matter of trying everything until something works. But that's OK, because the failures in this game are often better than success.

When in doubt, urinating on or kicking someone in the balls is almost always a valid option.

The very best part of the game (and really, the entire part) is simply clicking things to see what happens. Though all but one road leads to an explosion, seeing a man making out with the president before a bomb explodes is just funny somehow.

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  1. Man that bitch pissed out fires like a boss, had no problems with kicking old men off bridges or stuffing a bone into a cow asshole. What a great game.