Friday, February 1, 2013

Greatest sounds of our Generations! Super Nintendo!!

First of all, I'd like to apologize for not creating some high quality entertainment for you guys. With work and nursing school taking up a vast majority of my time, going on the internet to do much of anything can be difficult. Anyways, let's get this shit started.

The Greatest Sounds of our Generations, Super Nintendo style!

Number 10: Mario Paint.

That's right, guys. The game that everyone has, but could never play, because their SNES mouse disappeared the millisecond  you opened up that fresh, new, SNES box. I know this game is known, but I feel it's not that appreciated. I mean, c'mon, what other game can you swat flies, color in a coloring book... make... music... Hmm. It's kinda like real life...

Turn up that mouse speed, and listen to my favorite music from Mario Paint!

Such sass. We can all agree on this.

Number 9: E.V.O Search for Eden.

Now this game has some great tracks, and it also features, seriously, one of the worst, which I will *SPOILERS* probably be posting later :) Seriously, that song loops in like 5 seconds. Anywho, here's one of the game's many good tracks.

Who doesn't love evolution anyway? There's also some sweet multicolored meat you can eat. Chie would be jelly.

Number 8: Tales of Phantasia.

A nice little gem that never made in here in the states. Well, until GBA, but Pfftt.

I need to play through this one again. One day!

Number 7: Lufia.   

The original and not so good one.  Still some great music, though.

Not really much to say about this. The game is dated, but is still a classic in my eyes.

Number 6: Secret of Mana.

This game has some good and bad tracks in my opinion, but one stands out as just amazing. Guess what? It's this one!

Luchalma and I need to finish this game eventually....

Number 5: Earthbound.

A game that really need to get a re-release, along with Mother 3 and a sequel. Some awesome music and gameplay in this one.

This song in particular reminds me of "Hello, it's me" by Todd Rundgren. Love that shit.

Number 4: Super Mario RPG.    

A game I'm sure most of you have played. It's pretty epic.

I have fond memories of playing this game before school, waking my brother up at 5 A.M to play.

Number 3: Donkey Kong Country 2.

I hate this game, but by god the music is so good.

Music to my ears.

Number 2: Breath of Fire 2.

Very nice game. Totally recommend it. Luchalma ACTUALLY beat it!

Gosh, just hearing this boss music makes me want to play through it again. Nostalgic.     

Up next, the best of the best from the very popular game, Chrono Trigger! My favorite SNES track, probably of all time.

I should force my Fiance to play this game...

Aaaand... Here's the shit of the barrel...

God this fucking tune, if you can even call it that. SO MANY FUCKING HOURS OF GRINDING WHILE LISTENING TO THIS! Seriously. I would never wish this song on my worst enemies. You all, however, I posted for your pain. Enjoy?

Number 1: Lufia 2, Rise of the Sinistrals.

Now this is an epic, overlooked game on the SNES. Amazing gameplay, fabulous story, and some of the best music EVER.

And there you have it, guys. My top 10 SNES sounds. It actually took me a very long time to compile this list. Guess I normally just play the super popular games. Hope I broadened your horizons to some gems on the SNES!

Tune in next time for the Playstation, which will most likely be equally as difficult, if not more.... :)      


  1. Happy to see Donkey Kong get a nod - I loved the music!!!

    Also, having never played Secret of Mana (despite my username)... I feel like going out and buying the soundtrack RIGHT NOW - that song is so awesome.


  2. I know! I remember playing Secret of Mana in my room when I was like 8, and I finally got to the last boss. I heard this music and immediately ran upstairs to get my brother so he could hear it, too.

  3. I didn't have a SNES as a kid so I didn't know games like Evo existed. Kinda sad now cuz that game looks pretty interesting.

  4. Hand me my thick rimmed glasses and some cheap wine, we're gonna talk about Spark Mandrill.

  5. "Music to my ears"

    Haha I would hope so.

    Anyway, I forgot we were playing Secret of Mana. The adventures of Tilapi and Trout must continue!

  6. Do you even have the game and save on your HDD? We should be almost done with it...

    1. Who...who is this!!?


      I need an adult!

    2. Gorilla Wearing Propeller Hat And Assless ChapsFebruary 4, 2013 at 7:34 PM

      I have arrived, what is the problem, here?

      *looks at Anonymous*
      *picks up stick and waves it at him*