Top Bananas

Top Bananas offers a veritable feast of inanity, a gluttony of silliness, and a smattering of pure, uncut idiocy; it is where the elite of the internet gather to point and laugh at others, and to discuss such topics deemed trivial by those not in-the-know. Well, kind of. As far as top ten lists go, there are better, but there aren't many worse...

#1 - Douchebags in Video Games

#2 - The Top Ten XBLA Titles

# 3 - What The Heck? 

#4 -  The Top Ten Video Game Cities for Dwelling

#5 - The Top Ten Lamest Games EVAR 

#E3 - The Ten Best E3 2013 Announcements 

#6 - The Top Ten Cubes in Gaming

#7 - The Top Ten Pairs of Boobs in Current Gen Gaming 

#8 - The Top Ten Most Awesome Things about Current Gen Games  

#9 - The Top Ten Potentially Awesome Games of 2014

Top Bananas - Top Bananas 

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