Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Luchalma Lingo: Stick of Butter

Stick of Butter

A representation of one's life force.

"Oh man I only have one stick of butter left!"


We continue my series of butter based vocabulary with probably the most used Luchalma Lingo word of them all.

Nowadays, it's chic to represent health in video games with unintrusive visual cues. Bloody screens, color fading, bruises and the like. But back in the day games did it right. And one game did it rightest of all.

Mega Man.

Look at that. No ambiguity there. A perfect column of sticks of butter to precisely convey just how close to fucked you are. It's so perfect, I refer to any form of health as sticks of butter.


Sticks of butter.

Pieces of chocolate?

Sticks of butter.


Sticks of butter.

Fucking numbers?

If I wanted an eyeful of digits I'd call one of the Three Stooges a knucklehead. Clearly there's a better way to do this.

Things might get a little complicated around level 50.

Nowadays it's a guessing game. Is my screen mostly red, or is it just kinda red? Not that it matters anyway. A few seconds behind that rock and it's back to factory fresh. 

That.......that's a whole other issue.


  1. I like the Three Stooges joke, that was pretty clever.

  2. I definitely wish games would go back to definitive health bars instead of "I MIGHT survive the next attack so I could either hang back and regenerate or finish off this guy"

    Usually end up dead. :(

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