Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fruit Review, Part 2

Welcome back to Fruit Review.  This time around, we'll be talking about part 2.  Come, you're in for a wild ride this time around.

[insert: what happens next?]

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jamirus reviews! Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing!

Animal Crossing...



Top Bananas #E3 - The Ten Best E3 2013 Announcements

The E3 website suggests that there should be 4 Es, not 3.
The big three have now had the chance to wow E3, and wow it they did. Microsoft, Sony and Nintendo have all made the most of this year's E3, and gamers everywhere have 'won'. So, without any further ado Top Bananas presents you with the ten best E3 2013 announcements so far.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

The Stopgap Brigade: Nintendo's E3 2013

While Sony and Microsoft tout the abilities of their new consoles, Nintendo is just quietly sitting in a corner. They've been through that shit already. Nintendo's deep into next gen already. So with no hardware talk to get in the way, it's all about the games.

Top Bananas #5 - The Top Ten Lamest Games EVAR.

Following a 0.3% fall in output during Q4 in 2011 quantitative easing easing was introduced with the aim of stimulating growth. However, further declines in output continued through Q1 and into Q2 in 2012. There was a slight revival during Q3 as a direct result of…


What the actual fuck is going on here?

Attack of the Troll: Sony's E3 2013

The last time Sony did this console reveal E3 thing, it didn't go so well. Or it went very well, depending on whether or not you are the kind of person who enjoys telling the same jokes for years and years. How did they do this time?

Monday, June 10, 2013

Of Tablets and Hashtags: EA & Ubisoft's E3 2013

With Microsoft's show out of the way and Sony's still to come, it's time for the third parties to show us what they've been doing the last few years.

The Mute Dragon: Microsoft's E3 2013

Microsoft had a lot to prove coming into this conference. Their reveal event left them with a lot of ill-will over DRM and the image of a company ready to abandon the core gamer. With this event it was clear they were trying hard to alleviate one of those concerns. Putting on a show filled almost entirely with games did heal some wounds, but were any of these games interesting? Let's go deeper.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Greatest sounds of our Generations: Nintendo 64

So... I've been thinking about the N64 a lot recently, because I wanted to do this system for the generations and such, but thinking back... There's really not that many games on this system. At least, not that many that everyone didn't play. I mean, there's Mario, Kirby, Zelda, Banjo-Kazooie, Mario Kart, Star Fox... and that's like it. Everyone's played them! I can't pick those. So, I've decided to just do a top 5 for this episode. Sorry guys. I got some very good and obscure games for it, though.

Electronic Three Forecast

Well, it's that time again. Once a year the gaming industry's dog and pony show rolls into town, strutting its wares for the coming months. For us gamers it's an exciting time. It's our Super Bowl. The last few years have been pretty predictable though, a byproduct of this absurdly long console generation. With this year's show, we'll get some concrete info on two brand new machines. Anticipation and speculation are running high. I think I'll offer some predictions of my own so I can laugh at how off the mark I was in a few days.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

The greatest sounds of our Generations: Boss music.

Hello, everyone! I have a day off alone! I've decided to both treat my body as a temple AND write a Robot post! EVERYONE WINS! ( Mostly me, though. Muahah! ;) )

So, the next step would be the Nintendo 64, but before that, I decided to do a lil' mini 'sode (Even if it's not actually smaller) where I count down my favorite boss battle musics! Some of the music I've already provided in my previous posts, LIke Crusader of Centy's, and Legend of Mana's. So, I'll go ahead and skip those ones, since I have already posted them.

Before I start. Seriously, guys. It's been almost a full year since I've started posting these songs. Why am I not done? Get on my ass. (Literally)

So, without further ado. He's my top to list of boss battle music! *Spoilers, there will be spoilers for games*