Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Fruit Review - Part 1

This presentation is part 1 in a series, reviewing various fruits which I have eaten before.

Let's get right down to business goddamnit


A good fruit.  Eat the seeds inside. Here is how I get them out- Get a container, and fill it with water.  Cut your pomegranate in half, then cut that half that you have, in half.  You should now have four halves.  Submerge the four halves that you now have, in the container of water that is filled maybe halfway to the top.  You now have full control of your four halves that you have cut.

Now very gently use your hands to get the seeds out, don't be a brute, or you will break the seeds.  You will know because the water will turn red.  Get them all out, and all the white skin will float to the top for removal.  Now, you now have the pomegranate seeds, and they are like little rubies.  
Pick one that is heavy, there is more juice inside.  Pick one that has no soft spots, and buy them when it gets cold outside.  Try freezing them, some time.

Here are some more reviews from some of my friends:


Sun Devil -

My favorite unique fruit is definitely Star Fruit.
I got it quite often in Costa Rica in margaritas. Delicious. My favorite of the common fruits would probably be Pineapple or Mango, though. 

 And quote me on that!


Johnny Jerkweed-

Pomelo: I recently decided to embark on a mission to try out new varieties of fruits as a sort of project. What if there is some flavour out there that could be your favourite thing and is just waiting to be discovered by you? As a lover of citrus of all kinds, the pomelo was the first fruit I hadn't tried before to catch my attention on this journey. 

Considered to be the largest citrus fruit, pomelos are somewhat similar in appearance to grapefruit in terms of shape and colour. Under the skin is an unusually thick layer of 'pith,' that needs to be cut through before getting to the flesh.  Like any other citrus, the flesh is divided into segments, each with a membranous skin. In the case of pomelos, it's advised to remove that as well as it is very tough to chew. When ripe, the flesh should resemble the colour of the flesh of a grapefruit and when unripe will take on more of a greenish colour and have a tough, unpleasant texture. 

                                                     How to peel a pomelo:

As for the taste, the pomelo tastes like a cross between a tangerine and a grapefruit, tart and sweet and but too much of either. If you enjoy grapefruit yet are even a little put off by the bitterness, the pomelo is the perfect compromise; grapefruit flavor with sweetness replacing the bitterness. In short, they are absolutely delicious and possibly my favourite citrus fruit of all. 


I rate this fruit a 9/10. 


Thank you for reading, and thank you to the Luchalma as well.


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