Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Back To Square One: The next generation revealed

After months of rumor and speculation, the next Xbox has finally emerged from the shadows. With the Xbox One now public, the last of the puzzle pieces is in place to give a picture (if still not a totally clear one) of what this next generation actually is. It is now time for much armchair analyzing.

Top Bananas # 4 - The Top Ten Video Game Cities for Dwelling.

Been a while since the last Top Bananas... I heartily apologise to my adoring fan.

Let's get ready to Banananananumble!

... Uh...

Games are awesome.

That is a fact.

No, really it is - don't sit there, with your terrible hair and your stupid face, and tell me that fact is opinion when it is, in fact, fact. Games are awesome, and there are many awesome things in games.

All 6 of these are awesome.
Ahem. Those are, indeed, awesome, but www.bewaretherobotsquad.com is hardly the place for such frivolity.

And so it is that I present to you, dearest reader, a very serious and highly philosophical insight into the world of gaming, or more accurately the worlds in gaming (well, sort of). This Top Bananas aims to delight the senses, and stimulate the brain (while at the same time gently cupping the balls) with a rundown of the ten video game cities (and towns) that would make for lovely places to live.

Spoilers for Fable, KotOR, Jade Empire and probably others - but definitely those.