Thursday, July 19, 2012

It's Time to Move On

This generation will be celebrating its 7th birthday in November. With no end in sight. Ok Microsoft and Sony, time to reveal your new consoles. This PS3/360 shit is played out.

The doctor says he has about three months before he red rings.

Seriously though, 7 years is forever in the tech world. We're playing our games on the console equivalent of the VHS. Next year (the earliest a new console from Microsoft or Sony could come out) the 360 will have had a life twice as long as the original Xbox did.  Most tellingly, we've allowed our handhelds to catch up to our consoles in power. This has never happened before. Remember, when everyone was playing Super Mario Sunshine, the GBA was putting out SNES style graphics.

Pictured: A noticeable difference.
Not as noticeable.

Of course, the economy surely is a factor. But the economy is being shitty all the time and that's never stopped progress. The aforementioned handhelds released right on schedule, so the console big boys aren't averse to releasing new hardware into the market.

Also I see much objection to a new generation from the gamers themselves. They make two points.

  • They promised us a 10 year lifespan.

That was never meant to imply a new console would not come out for 10 years. The PS2 was promised a 10 year lifespan, and look at that, you can still go buy a new PS2 even today.

  • I can't afford a new console right now. I hope it doesn't come out until I can.

You don't have to freaking buy it! Hell, I can't afford a new console right now, but if a console were to come out soon, by the time I could, there'd be fucking games for it.

Am I a graphics whore? I don't think so. I'm a chap who's fascinated by technology and sullen at the squandered potential.