Sunday, July 1, 2012

Greatest Sounds of our Generations

Welcome! My name is Jamirus. I love video game music!

Please join me on my first blog post, as I countdown my favorite NES tracks!

Music is a big part of my gaming experience. Sometimes I like it even more than the game itself! It truly brings a game together, and now I would like to celebrate some of the best music from my childhood. 

I have selected 10 games that have wonderful soundtracks. To keep it interesting, I decided to choose tracks from games that are less popular. There won't be any Final Fantasy, Mario, Zelda, Sonic, or other famous catchy tunes in this list. No, I want you guys to experience something new. I like my tracks to have great and catchy sounds, so join me on this nostalgia  trip!

So, let us begin our journey on the Nintendo Entertainment System, which was my very first console.

Number 10.

Nightmare on Elm Street

I actually didn't play this game until about the year 2000. It's based off of an 80's franchise, of course, so you don't expect anything great out of it. The only real good thing about this game, despite what the Angry Video Game nerd says, is one very catchy tune in particular.


I dare you not to be enjoying this tune in your brain for the rest of the day.

Number 9.

The Little Mermaid

Call me lame, but I love this game. I used to rent it all the time as a kid, and it has a nice nostalgic feel for me. The first level has a nice tune. 


Plus it's from Capcom, who used to make the best music back in the day!

Number 8.

Bubble Bobble

This is the game that my brother and I would rent all of the time. It was a very fun multiplayer game back in the day, and we ate it up. Roughly a billion hours (rounded up, of course) of playing this game, the song kinda gets wedged into your brain.



Number 7.

Robo Warrior

I know next to nothing about this game, other than the fact that I owned it as a child, and it has great music.


It astounds me that they could get so much out of the NES!

Number 6.

Marble Madness

What a game this is! A fun concept, great music, and outrageously frustrating game play. Still, a joy to play and hear! 


The sound of desperation. Don't you love watching your marble die over and over again? Speaking of desperation...

Number 5.


Another difficult game. I owned this as a child, too, and never got to obliterate the Joker... =(. Whatever, though. Least it has a great soundtrack!


Not just this track, but all of the levels have some great tunes that really get you into the Batman mood. Dark and amazing.

Number 4.


We're getting down the best of best, folks. Gradius. Wow, this has some catchy-ass tunes! Konami at their finest.


Turn down the volume a bit for this one, as your brain may melt from pure awesome.

Number 3.


My brothers and I went through a big phase where Godzilla was all that and a bag of potato chips. From this phase, came Godzilla, for the NES. Let me tell you, this game is HARD. However, it also has one hell of a soundtrack!


Who knew our solar system has such great music? Since Godzilla failed to provide music for it... The moon is next!

Number 2.

Duck Tales

Another classic from Capcom. The Moon, in particular, is some of the greatest NES music ever.


Impossible not to be immediately addicted.

Before we get to number 1, I'd like to list my favorite NES music from a mainstream game.


I realize that out of all of the Megaman music, this comes as an odd choice. But I love it. There's so much going on in it, and I enjoy every beat.

Number 1.

Little Nemo: The Dream Master

This is probably my favorite NES game. Ever. It's got great game play, challenge, and the best soundtrack in my opinion.


Here it is, folks. Nightmare land (and it's even extended for your enjoyment!). The pinnacle of the NES, in my opinion. It doesn't get any better.

This is the Jamirus Conclusion on the greatest NES tracks. Please stay tuned when I tackle the Genesis, which has some of the greatest and worst musics ever. Thanks for listening, and see you soon!



  1. Welcome Jamirus2 :) Cool stuff.

    All you need now Luchalma is a video game comic artist and a current-gen reviewer, and I'll never have to leave your site for gamer news :)

    1. I would review current gen games if I wasn't so poor lol.

  2. Thank you very much, CloakerJosh! I hope to provide exciting information!
    I agree with Luchalma. However, I will be purchasing Theatrythm for the 3DS on Tuesday, so I will be happy to review that.

  3. Gradius is just all around amazing.

  4. I love this! You should do all the classic systems best music. I didnt even know about half of these songs.

    1. Thank you! I plan on going through, at least up to N64. Possibly Gamecube and Xbox.

  5. Nice blog! Bubble Bobble and Little Nemo def. great games!!