Sunday, June 18, 2017

Jalapeño Lasagna #59: Voodoo Garden

This game just starts, and there isn't anything offered in form of a Tutorial. There is a tiny description of things above the inventory, but I didn't see that straight away as it is quite subtle and I was trying to figure out how the hell to do things. As you level up, you unlock various things for your garden.

Humble Beginnings of my very own Voodoo Garden.

So, basically, you collect ingredients from Trees, Shrubs, animals visiting the garden You make potions (automatically) and sell them to.... the sky? I don't know. You get a list of potions as they unlock, and can prioritize which ones you want your ingredients to go to.

Potion List. If you look in the top middle, you will see the game is currently making a potion for me.
When you reach the cap for that ingredient, you will see that you get a coin for your ingredient instead of it adding to your inventory. Coins are used to purchase new trees and shrubs, but also spirit animals for your garden. You start off fattening them up, depending on which animal it is, they eat different things. Then you sacrifice them and they become a ghost that helps in your garden.

Available spirits, getting very expensive towards the end.

The spirits can be upgraded to move faster and to pick more things from the garden quicker. I found the goat and the turtle extremely expensive and I didn't finish upgrading them as I did not have the funds.

Some various power ups to buy and upgrade.
Not every visitor in your garden can be used in potions and frankly, the bats, much like in Spelunky are a pain in the ass. Even with my "20% less bats" skill (right in above picture) maxed, there was still a shittonne of bats.

My garden at Level 30.
My garden in the rain at Level 29.

There are totems you can put by the water that attract different things. These are helpful for ingredients and money. Clicking the crocodile that appears in the water grants you a hefty sum each time. The croc totem seemed almost obsolete by the time I unlocked it at a much later level.

List of available totems.
 Your garden can be expanded, and it gets more expensive to do so, just as everything else in the game goes up in price.

Another garden screenshot.

The game is quite fun, however as it is somewhat of a non traditional clicker, it is quite repetitive and the music gets on my nerves after a while.


  1. This review Chicken'd me, almost as bad as John Goodman.

    I don't know how many times I heard "Do you see a skull?", but it was a lot.

    1. It was "Have you seen the skull yet?!"

      It almost bought back my eye twitch.

  2. Becca! When Luchalma here has you play Knights of the Old Republic, you should totally write up everything you do and how you feel! I wanna read it so bad! :D

    1. Dude that is so much work. I haven't been playing many RPGs at all hah. Just tell him to put it in my contract.

      We kinda sorta technically *ARE* playing the latest Lego Star Wars.

      The Steam Summer sale is kicking my ass, I need like 200 more games.

  3. Hehehe i understand. Its an undertaking for sure. Its okay, i can wait! :)