Wednesday, May 31, 2017


It seems like today every game decides to throw in RPG elements. They just seem to mix so well into every Genre. Be it first person shooter in the form of Call of Duty or Battlefield, Action games with level up mechanics or customizing how your character develops. Hell, there's even Rhythm games incorporating RPG elements with Final Fantasy Theatrhythm!

Undertale's unique, from what I've seen. It's an Shmup/RPG game that I just know Luchalma would love! Let's dive in and see what Undertale's all about. It didn't win the Gamefaqs battle of best game for nothing!

Like I said before, Undertale, from a first glace, peaked my interest. It has an Earthbound style of graphics that I really enjoy. Earthbound is one of my favorite games on the Super Nintendo, so it's very refreshing to see this style again, and Undertale does it well. Aside from the fact that the main character looks a bit odd from the side. She's got some kind of duck lips goin' on, but that's okay. So, the second thing that drew me to the game was the music. I was listening to the music before I even played the game, which is weird. You know how I love my video game music, but I normally only listen to stuff from games I've already played. I can envision myself playing the games while I listen, and it always gives me a sense of nostalgia. Usually listening to other game's music just doesn't do it for me, unless it's an exceedingly excellent track. Well, Undertale's tracks are all just simply amazing. You can pick any song and it'll be good. From the boss battle themes, to the ambiance of the ruins. It's all incredible. But let's get into the meat and potatoes of the game and see how each section fares.

The story of the game is... really good, and I don't want to spoil anything. You're a human that's dropped into the monster realm, and from there you take command of your story. This game offers another unique gameplay feature that diversifies it's self from other RPGs. You can choose whether or not you'd like to destroy every monster you come across, or perhaps you're feeling merciful and decide to spare the lives of the monsters in your path. Each encounter determines your fate as a human. Kill? Be killed? Spare them? What will you decide? I decided to spare the monsters and bosses I encountered in my playthrough and it changed my story dramatically. Everyone could have a different experience while playing this game, depending on how they choose to play it. It's interesting and fresh.

Characters in Undertale shine. The common enemies are all fairly interesting with their own quirks, and the bosses are all really just awesome. From the start of the game you meet a kind woman by the name of Toriel who literally holds your hand through the dangerous Ruins you've fallen into. Later you meet up with a pair of hilarious skeletons, a true warrior Undine and a scientist. They all have huge personalities that need to be experienced. They're all unique and enjoyable to interact with. That is, if you choose to enjoy them. Your path is not cut and dry. You're more than welcome to take each character out, never to be heard from again. If you'd like to kill one of the skeleton brothers, you can do that. Just don't expect the other brother to enjoy your company. Brother killer.

Random battles happen, but they're not too frequent. But this game does shine with the battles. Like I said, it's a shmup/RPG mashup. Killing enemies gives you EXP, which in turn levels you up and makes you stronger. However, every single enemy and boss has their own was of being spared. You have a multitude of options when facing enemeies. Why, you can compliment them on their cool hat, or dance with them. Even roll around in the dirt and have them smell you, making them think you're a dog! It's a really great idea, and implimented well. You never have to get a single EXP point in this game to beat it. In fact, I never did while I played. Every enemy was spared, and it crafted a rich and enjoyable experience for me.

Easily the best part of the game. Pick any track and enjoy it. The boss music in this game is simply incredible, and I find myself listening to it constantly. Whether it's Battle against a true hero, Heartache, Asgore's theme or Death by Glamour, I know I'll be jamming out. They're simply perfect. It's not just the boss themes, either. The atmospheric music is top notch! I really recommend giving the soundtrack a listen, even if you have not played the game. It's really that good!

Fun factor-
Undertale provides a lot of fun. I ended up picking it up on sale for 5$ and I would have easily payed more for it. The main story is probably only about 8 hours or so long, which for this game, is perfect. Like I said earlier, there's a multitude of ways to tackle the game. Kill everything, spare everything, or make your own ending by killing key bosses. It's all up to you. I can see myself replaying this game again. Especially since I spared everyone, so I do need to play through destroying everything in sight. Things change, such as the music for bosses, depending on how much you kill.

I recommend playing Undertale. It's a unique experience that... well, has to be experienced. If you like Shmups, you'll really enjoy undertale. Every encounter is different, from bullet hell to platforming, it's got it all. Do yourself a favor and pick it up sometime and give it a play!

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  1. Man, I really want to play this game. Gotta see those duck lips in action.