Sunday, July 8, 2012

Temporary Gaming Apathy

Does anyone else go through bouts of Temporary Gaming Apathy? When you just can't bring yourself to play any game? And if you can, it's only for like five minutes before you turn it off.

I've got that. Or, almost.

Me and Vita are still very much in the honeymoon phase of our relationship.

But try as I might, I can't gather the will to turn on my 360, PS3, or Wii, and I have a list of Steam games a mile long that I don't feel like playing. In fact, other than my Vita, the only games I'm playing are the Retroulette games!

That means, instead of playing Awesome Game 3, or Virtual Badass Simulator, I'm spending my time playing Mary-Kate and Ashley Clean Ghost Goo.

Yeah, this is waaaaaaay better than Skyrim.

And I never know how long these things last. I could be like "Meh, games" for a month, or I could be like "Woooo. GAMES!" tomorrow.

Yeah, yeah, yeah. First world problems and all that. But it's a real bummer when I can't enjoy something I enjoy.

Even if I never turn on my 360 again, I've still got you, right Vita?


  1. Sadly, I have months and months of that. It sucks.

  2. This happens to me, too...

    Thankfully not right now. I just purchased splinter cell conviction for $10, got ff 12games for $5, and of course theatrythm!

  3. I tried to cure it by popping in one of my favorites of the last 3 years (fallout 3) but I found myself bored within a few hours. I think I might have to take a trip to *gasp* GameSLOP to find something to reignite my passion.

  4. I think this is a fairly universal issue. I've actually been feeling like this for almost a year, with few breaks in between (although Dark Souls pulled me out of the rut for a good few weeks).

    Looking forward to Assassin's Creed III, The Last of Us, Watch Dogs and Far Cry 3. Hopefully one of these will reignite my gaming passion.