Saturday, April 6, 2013

Greatest Sounds of our Generations! Playstation.

It's been a while, but I've had some free time and I plan on using it to its fullest. Fuck studying. MUSIC TIME!

You see right! Perhaps the Pinnacle of video game music. The Playstation! Let's see what treasures I unfold.

The Playstation is unique, in that everyone knows what music is good. Obviously the Final Fantasies, Chrono Cross, Megaman X, Castlevania, ect. This one was actually very difficult, and I dreaded it. I also played a lot of the popular games, so finding games and songs that weren't quite so popular was hard. Let's see what it is I came up with. I apologize ahead of time if some of these games are more mainstream.

#10. Ape Escape

I love Ape Escape. This series is all about having fun catching monkeys, and it has a nice soundtrack to go along with the mayhem. Whether you're catching a Monkey dressed as a wolf, or one that's trying to kill you with a machine gun, this game's got some nice tunes to go along with every scene. These games are a real treat to play, and I suggest you play them. NOW!

#9.  Wild Arms

Wild Arms was one of the first RPGs I rented when we got our PS1. I was glued to it from the moment I watched the opening video, which is amazing. Unfortunately, the game ALWAYS froze, and I was never able to beat it. Until I purchased it years later. It's still good shit, guys, and I'm so glad it was free on the Vita for a while. It boasts very fun game play, reminiscent of Lufia 2, and has great music! (I love you, Res)

#8. Parasite Eve

When this game came out, I had first started my Zombie craze. My brother had talked about it, and I, of course, thought he was saying "Resident Eve...ill". Nope, it was Parasite Eve. This game is pretty short, but has a lot of fun tracks, including the opening, battle, and the police station tracks. There's really no other game I can think of that has such "cool" tracks. What I mean is, you're facing rats that have just disgustingly mutated in front of you, but the battle theme isn't panicked. It's more like, "I can handle this, I just gotta stay cool". Really great stuff.

#7. Wild Arms 2

The Wild Arms series has some of the greatest openings in a video game ever. Number 2 does not disappoint. However, it's the dungeon exploring themes that I like the most. They get you pumped to explode bombs and find hidden doors, kick shit, throw knives and skate around on "Rad Skates". This game is one of my favorites, and it has an excellent sound track to back it up. (Hi Res!!!)

#6. Lunar

Another wonderful game. I realize it was originally on the Sega CD, but I never got my hands on it until it hit the PS1 with Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete. This game has had more ports and remakes than I can count, even going so far as a TERRIBLE GBA port. Ugh, that was straight Batrocious. Anyway, this game holds a spot in my heart for both bringing me closer with my brother, and giving me the idea of a super power of singing and clearing fog. It's a wonderful game full of excellent music.

#5. Legend of Dragoon

Before I start, this video took me a little while to find. Apparently people like to troll it. Anyways, Legend of Dragoon was supposed to be the "Final Fantasy VII killer". Yeah, right. If it was, it wouldn't be on this list. However, it's still a great game. It features a unique battle system (Lol, except Mario RPG did it), flashy transformations, and some great music. This is probably one of my top 3 favorite world map themes, and it's a shame that it's only available on disc 2. This game also has some excellent boss battle music. I'd recommend it, except that the music in the ending cinematic is so loud that you can't hear what anyone is actually saying. Therefore, I've beaten the game, but have no idea how it ends... lol.

#4. Legend of Mana

I know, I know. I chose two songs for this one. I seriously couldn't decide which was better! They're both just so amazing! This composer is just so good. She went on to do the work for Kingdom Hearts, as well, and is one of my favorite video game composers. As for the game play? I downloaded this on my Vita a while ago, and it feels slow. I am compelled to eventually beat it just because the music is that damn good. Also, it has one of the most complex weapon upgrading systems ever. Actually, everything in this game is overly complex.

#3. Grandia

Never have I heard a battle song this bad ass. It seriously gets you pumped. It's like the second disc had a completely different composer! I remember back in the day when my brother got this game for Christmas, he finally got to the second disc and this song played on the first battle, and we were just blown away. We never expected something this fantastic. Great game, Great music. Play it!

#2. Breath of Fire 3

I don't know what it is this soundtrack that appeals to me so much. I guess it's the smooth jazz. This game has some excellent boss music, and even better world map music. Again, it doesn't happen until the second half of the game, but it's worth the wait! If you have yet to play a Breath of Fire game, I highly suggest them. Lots of great characters and story.

#1. Rayman

Now this is my personal favorite music from a game on the PS1. When I think of great music, this first song immediately comes to mind. It's just so catchy and fun! Rayman is a great platformer that  boasts some excellent music, from Band Land to the artsy fartsy world. It's all just so good! This also got a sloppy GBA port that doesn't do it any justice. If you want a great game experience, hit up Rayman on the PS1. YEAHHH! Dun-na-da-da-na-da-na Heha-heha-heha! (I sound like shameless advertisement.)

That's all for my list of top 10 PS1 game tunes, however, in my travels through this era, I found some songs that I questioned. Namely, from Capcom. Here's a new section I would like to call...

Wait... Haven't I heard this before?

Example 1: Mega Man X2 and X5.

Bubble Crab's stage. It's wonderful. So wonderful, in fact, Capcom was like "Let's do it again!"

What the fuck, Capcom! First of all... Duff McWhallen? Are you kidding me? Then you steal Bubble Crab's theme and make it sound scary! Oh well. Good music is good music...

Example 2. Mega Man 8 and Mega Man Battle Network 3.

I love this song, it's very techno oriented and sounds very nice. But I can't help but notice this sounds strikingly familiar. to another Mega Man song...

Capcom! You lazy bastards!!! Then again, both sound great..

Holy shit? Another new section? This one is Luchalma's pick. I'll let him take over. Next time I'll tackle the N64.


This section exists because Jamirus does not have the fortune to be intimately familiar with one of the best (but criminally forgotten) PS1 franchises there is. That of course, dear readers, is Tomba (or Tombi, for some reason). Everything about these games are great, including the music.

Let it be known I cannot resist a good banjo jam.

This one sounds like a choir of screaming babies. But in a good way.


  1. Gorilla Slowly Killing Off VegetationApril 6, 2013 at 2:34 PM

    I liked this article because I usually think of the Sega systems when I think of the music, I liked lots of the stuff here.

    Ape Escape sounds like an awesome game.

    I liked the songs you posted from Ape Escape and Breath of Fire. The Dragoon and Tomba ones were great too.

    I was looking at a list of PS games and saw that Crusader is on there, so I'll vote that game even though I played it on PC.

  2. Your proclamations of love for me have not gone unnoticed. However, that "Wild Arms 2" song is actually a dungeon theme from Wild Arms 1, not 2. :P

  3. I had a music making game for the PS...

    Uh... Music was the name (I think)... WAIT...

    Yes... 'Music: Music Creation for the Playstation' was the name.

    I spent many a night with some chums making choons on it.

  4. Huh, I didn't even notice that was a Wild Arms 1 song. Lemme fix that...

    1. Ah, much better. Bonus points for posting my favorite dungeon theme in the game besides Heimdal Gazzo. :D

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