Sunday, June 9, 2013

Greatest sounds of our Generations: Nintendo 64

So... I've been thinking about the N64 a lot recently, because I wanted to do this system for the generations and such, but thinking back... There's really not that many games on this system. At least, not that many that everyone didn't play. I mean, there's Mario, Kirby, Zelda, Banjo-Kazooie, Mario Kart, Star Fox... and that's like it. Everyone's played them! I can't pick those. So, I've decided to just do a top 5 for this episode. Sorry guys. I got some very good and obscure games for it, though.

By the way, I was recently made aware that I use too many exclamation points. I am forcibly attempting to stop using so many. It's hard.

Anyways, let's get this shit STARTED!!!!!!!!!

5.  Blast Corps - Simian Acres

I played this game a few times as a child. From what I remember, it's secretly tranformers. You're a giant robot/car thing and you have to destroy things and perform certain tasks to clear levels. It was fun. The music also sounds like every other Rare game, but this one you people don't know about it. So it counts.

4. Harvest Moon 64 - Summer theme

 Aaah, Harvest Moon! How I love you. This is arguable the best in the series. Why, though? I'm not sure. It takes what the SNES version had and amps it up, or course, but newer entries have a lot more stuff to do. If you want a simple yet entertaining Harvest Moon to play, I would go for this one. The Festivals were a lot of fun, and the marriageable women are interesting and cute. Personally, I enjoyed Friends of Mineral Town on the GBA more, but this one is still good.

3. Megaman 64 -Apple Market

Okay, I technically cheated with this one, since it is a port of a PS1 game, but I originally beat this on the N64, and it does exist, so suck it. This is a fun game. A very different take on Megaman. It had a sequel on PS1, and of course everyone knows that the 3DS Megaman Legends 3 got canceled by Crapcom. It was actually one of the reasons I originally purchased the 3DS, too. I hope that Capcom realizes that they are stupid.

2. Mischief Makers - Mini Boss battle

I really enjoy this game. Treasure makes some of the best side scrolling games. Fuckin' SHAKE SHAKE! Yeah. You pick up enemies, give them Shaken Baby Syndrome, and whip them at other enemies. It's not the longest game ever, but it's totally worth checking out on the N64. Each level has a little gem you can choose to collect. Each gem extends the ending by a little bit. Collecting them all unlocks the full ending. Plus, each level has a rating scale of, you know, you're complete shit and should give up gaming forever to S. I've gotten ONE S in this game, and it was hard as fuck to get. If you're going to attempt to S every level then just give up now. It will never happen. I got that one and was like "Whoo! I'm done with this game, 100% complete!"
1. Mystical Ninja starring Geomon - Submarine Castle

I used to rent this game ALL the time as a kid. It's badass. This game was a nice little Zelda OoT styled game, and the music is just the best the N64 has to offer. The dungeons in this game are fun, and if you listen to music I've provided, you'll notice that it starts off as a simple song, but the further you get into the dungeon, the better the music gets. It builds on itself until it's a masterpiece. Each dungeon has this amazing musical progression, and they're all great. Submarine Castle just happens to be my favorite.

Well, there we have it. It's not a long list, but then again, the N64 didn't last long and didn't have any outstandingly amazing obscure games for it. I mean, god, I have to fucking cheat to get 5 of them.

I'm debating what I want to do for the next installment. My phone sucks, and I have no internet access at work anymore, so I spent my time listening to music form the 70's and 80's on Youtube, since they were the only songs that would fucking load. Now, I think I either want to do my favorite songs of the year starting from 1970, or 71 and heading up to, say, 89. Another idea is to go back and do Gameboy and the other handhelds. The last option would be to head into the Dreamcast.

What do you guys think?


  1. Gorilla Feigning Striking At Passing Cars, With StickJune 10, 2013 at 12:38 AM


  2. Dreamcast. Or Saturn. Or 3DO.

  3. Famirus Daddy KaneJune 10, 2013 at 12:13 PM

    Yeah, go with the Saturn goddamnit. If you're man enough, that is.

  4. Alright. Saturn is next!

    Hehehe. I got some good shit for that system.

    1. Famiry Famirus & The Funky BunchJune 10, 2013 at 4:51 PM

      Yeah? Well, NiGHTS AND DRAGON FORCE better be up in that bitch, or someone is gonna pay!


      YEAH! FUCK YEAH! *bangs head on wall*