Sunday, June 2, 2013

The greatest sounds of our Generations: Boss music.

Hello, everyone! I have a day off alone! I've decided to both treat my body as a temple AND write a Robot post! EVERYONE WINS! ( Mostly me, though. Muahah! ;) )

So, the next step would be the Nintendo 64, but before that, I decided to do a lil' mini 'sode (Even if it's not actually smaller) where I count down my favorite boss battle musics! Some of the music I've already provided in my previous posts, LIke Crusader of Centy's, and Legend of Mana's. So, I'll go ahead and skip those ones, since I have already posted them.

Before I start. Seriously, guys. It's been almost a full year since I've started posting these songs. Why am I not done? Get on my ass. (Literally)

So, without further ado. He's my top to list of boss battle music! *Spoilers, there will be spoilers for games*

Number 10. Tales of the Abyss - Meaning of Birth

Tales of the Abyss. I got this game for the 3DS, having never played it for the PS2. It's a very long and somewhat annoying game in the Tales Universe. There's a lot of busy work involved in this game, going from one island to check on a character, over to this city to deliver a letter, back to this city to talk to someone, back to the island to check on the original character, back to the city, back to the other city, back to the island, then finally to a dungeon. Seriously. It has like 3 or 4 moments where you're just traveling all over the world to advance the story. It's why it took me like 60 hours to complete. The game is fairly good, though. Fun combat, good music. Finally, towards the end of the game, you have to fight a character and this song plays during the fight. It's fun, exciting, and I didn't want the battle to end. Enjoy!

Number 9. Sword of Mana - Courage and Pride from the Heart. AKA Battle with the Dark Lord

First of all, ignore the "Romancing Saga 3" image. I promise this is from Sword of Mana. Now this is a game that had so much potential to me. It's got outstanding music (Which will probably be later discussed in another post), a very fun level up system... and... Actually, that's about it. The magic system is pretty dumb and the story is abysmal. I tried so hard to play through this game with each character, but i just couldn't get through it again thanks to the story. It's that bad. The characters are boring and it's such a slow story. Some scenes are seriously like 15 minutes long! When a character in this game dies, there's just no point to care at all. Such a sad remake.

Number 8. Megaman Battle Network 3 - Great Battlers.

I love this song! It's so energetic! This is probably the best game in the Megaman Battle Network series, and this is probably the best song in the best of the series. I used to play this game all the time with Luchalma. We'd battle all the time. It was secretly just so I could hear this music. If you have yet to play a MMBN game, I recommend this one above all else. 6 is another recommendation, as long as you forget 4 and 5 ever existed.

Number 7. Super Mario Brothers 2 - Wart's Theme

This song is most likely in here for pure nostalgia for me. It's from the final boss of Super Mario 2, Wart. He's a big ol' Frog, and as far as I remember, fairly easy to kill. The ending to this game is just a joke, so if you have yet to beat it, which is entirely possible, since this game is hard as shit, I won't spoil it for you. As Luchalma likes to tell it, everyone explodes at the end.

Number 6. Mother 3 - Porky's Pokies.

If you have yet to play Earthbound and Mother 3 yet. Do it. If you're searching for a game that will leave you emotional for the next few weeks, play Mother 3. It's, without a doubt, the saddest game you'll ever play. There's so much emotion in this little sequel that it will make you laugh at anything Final Fantasy 7 can throw your way. Seriously. You'll cry. Everyone cries. This is my favorite song of the game. I just love Earthbound and Mother 3 because they manage to throw in a fantastic 8 bit rendition of a song into each game.

Number 5. Megaman 3 - Boss theme

My personal favorite boss theme from the numbered Megaman games. 3 is just my all around favorite. It's the first game that added length by including all of the bosses from Megaman 2, turning previous levels into unique experiences. After 3, these games added length by including two different castles to fight through, That's nice, but the idea of a generic robot inheriting the souls of previously defeated Robot Masters was just awesome. Now, if only I could have gotten Metal Man's ability again. Then Megaman 3 would have been perfect!

Number 4. Resident Evil Outbreak - Thanatos Theme

I know none of you played this game, but I would like to let you know that you missed out on one of the best online co-op games ever made. It's very sad that the servers are no longer up, because this is a game I would love to come back to and play. I am praying that Capcom releases Outbreak file 1 and 2 on XBL arcade so that I can enjoy these again. Just think. You've planned out your route with 3 other people, to clear through a zombie and monster infested college building. Gathering ingredients for your antidote for the T-virus, and being chased by the (mostly) menacing Thantos the entire time. You've finally gathered everyone together and injected yourself with the antidote, and it's time to make your escape. After being chased by Thanatos to the rendezvous point, you have no choice but to tackle the beast head on. Enjoy my memories, because that's all I have left for this game...

Number 3. Final Fantasy 6 - The Decisive Battle.

Final Fantasy 6 is my favorite in the series, and for good reason. It features a wide cast of great characters, almost all of them are fully developed by the end of the game, great music, and it can be played two player! Luchalma and I, a few years ago now, went through this entire game, and I know he loved every minute of it! The only downside to this game, in my opinion, is that the normal battle theme is pretty lackluster. Thankfully, this boss theme more than makes up for it. It was such a surprise to listen to after that stupid battle theme. Plus, it's one of my most played tracks on Theatrhythm, and for good reason!

Number 2. Persona 4 - I'll Face Myself.

Simply Genius! I love this game, and it's boss battle music. I've never been so connected to characters in an RPG before. This game makes you care about them, and provides some great tunes. Even if most of the soundtrack is in Engrish. (I'm a lesbian!) These two songs were stuck in my head long after I completed the main game. If you have yet to... Fuck that. PLAY THIS GAME!!

Number 1. Final Fantasy 13-2 - Etro's Champian

I haven't actually completed this game yet, but thanks to Theatrhythm, this song is forever stuck in my head. I think it takes the original Battle theme from Final Fantasy 13 and twists it, in a way. It's got my favorite instruments, and is just a blast to play. 

 There we have it. A list of my top 10 favorite boss themes in video games! I hope you enjoyed checking it out. As always, I  hope that my list has opened up new video games possibilities for you! I'll see you next time, where I may or may not tackle the N64! Toodles!


  1. Meaning of Birth is just awesome.

  2. Excellent post. It was a voyage from start to finish. Way back on number 10, I actually learned why I was born by the time the song ended. As I continued listening, I laughed, I cried, then by the time I reached Number 2, I fucked myself. Excellent post.

  3. That Mega Man 3 tune is pure brilliance.

    I must dispute number 7 though... The only good thing Super Mario 2 did was disappoint. :P

    Haven't played FFXIII-2 yet... Still slogging my way through the Snow-infested XIII... That song is great though... May have to hurry up and finish XIII.