Thursday, June 13, 2013

Fruit Review, Part 2

Welcome back to Fruit Review.  This time around, we'll be talking about part 2.  Come, you're in for a wild ride this time around.

[insert: what happens next?]

Today's fruit to be reviewed is orange. 

The first thing you will notice about an orange is its exotic color.  It has a light reddish color.  While slightly darker than yellow, the best word to describe it's color would probably be mango. 

As you can see from the above photograph, cutting an orange in half yields a side view of the fruit.  Visually, inside the orange is very similar to that of a lemon, or a lime, if you've ever come across those in your travels.

Boat Oar


Many people prefer to cut the orange in half, and then eat it, as is the case with many fruits.  Nowadays, many actually prefer to backstab the orange. 

The name "orange" actually comes from the "orangutan", so it's no surprise that if the orange was an animal, it would be an orangutan.

                                                         An orangutan feasting on an orange

The outer coating of the orange is considered its "peel".  If you think of the orange as an orb, the peel is basically its membrane.  From the perspective of a video-game, think of it as a coating of armor, leather armor.  It's not the heaviest armor, but the benefit is that it allows for great mobility.


  1. The Orange is my second favourite fruit - I'm an apple man!

    I always wondered why they were called oranges. :)

  2. This may very well be my favorite thing on the site.

  3. 10 Random Arucard score ratings out of Boat Oar. Would read again.
    I think citrus is my favorite 'family,' of fruits.

  4. I like grapes. Reason being? They're easy. No peeling, one bite, very tasty. If oranges came pre-peeled I'm all over those bad boys but the peeling process is too much for me. Seedless grapes of course.