Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Jamirus reviews! Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing!

Animal Crossing...



My love for animal crossing is bigger than most games. I have very fond memories of playing this game with my brother. We would get home from school, turn on the Gamecube and enjoy for the rest of the day. It's a game for everyone. It's a game for no one. It's a game where you do everything. It's a game where you do nothing. In short, it's a game everyone should own. It was new and exciting, giving you an odd single player massive online vibe. Even if it was strictly single player. It worked by having the townsfolk do things while you were not playing. The shops had their own times, and it all ran by your clock. Go to work late, and can't play during open hours? Too bad! Also, it had some exceptional music.

In Animal Crossing, you spend your time repaying your debt to Tom Nook, who steals your childhood in the first half an hour.

"First I'll count my stolen lunch money, then I'll peek at him while he's peeing."

You're given a house that you constantly want to upgrade, and upgrade it you shall! A basement? 60K bells. Oh, you want an upstairs? Yeah, that'll set you back 140K bells. But, you can quickly repay this by doing errands for your animal neighbors, fishing for rare and exotic fish, or cashing in on sweet, sweet, bells by collecting bugs. It's real life, but not really. You can also collect exciting furniture, like a kiddie bed. You know, for kiddies! There's also festivals that happen, like Christmas. It was fun.

Over the years, there have been "sequels". Wild world for the DS added some new features, including a "Rolling" world, instead of the panel to panel Megaman style world the original had. It also added new fish, insects, tons of crap to horde and online! It was a nice new game, but the charm of the first was lost. The music was bland and the graphics were gross. Then, City Folk came out for the Wii!

City Folk was a very big letdown for me. It added nearly nothing, and was almost an exact port of Wild World. The music was exactly the same, the festivals were boring. and it was just all around bad. You can't update the graphics of a DS game, slap it on the Wii and call it a new game. It did add a city section, which was cool, but not worth what I paid for it. I was not pleased.

Animal Crossing for the 3DS was announced back in like 2011, when I first picked up my 3DS. It had been a while since I played an Animal Crossing game, and honestly, it was one of the main reasons I ended up picking up the 3DS. About 2 years later, it finally came out! My fiance and I picked that shit up at Midgnight, son.

Now this is the Animal Crossing I have been waiting for! There's so much stuff added, and I couldn't be happier. If you've played previous Animal Crossing games, you'll instantly notice the difference in the graphics. They're great. Animals are actually furry now, the world looks wonderful, and the 3D doesn't hurt my eyes! Plus, your character is actually resembling a human this time, with a much better body style. You can customize him or her with fucking PANTS! AND SHOES! It's great. Also, there's all new music! None of that fucking "Copy pasta" shit from Wild World - City Folk.

At the beginning of the game, you can select between a few different map layouts, which really helps with the "resetting until you get a good map" thing. The classic fruits are back, but this time there's more. Bannanas, Mangoes, and some exotic shit I've never tasted or seen at Meijer. It's lovely.

You're the mayor this time around, which means you get to actually place things in your town to make it look better! Streetlamps, bridges, recycling bins. Everything is at your disposal, and you can choose to create a beautiful town. Of course, you can also buy an axe and chop down all the trees to create the perfect wasteland.

Aaaah! Home, sweet, home!

This Animal Crossing game includes quite a lot of new things to do. Of course, there's still fishing, catching insects and talking to your neighbor, or, you know, smacking them over the head with a net... but now you can dive in the ocean for even more fun, decorate the outside of your house, refurbish your furniture into brand new works of art, and much more than I have yet to discover.

This game really feels like you're playing for a reason. You can't just rush it. Shops take excruciatingly long days to open. Like Shampoodle's! The friendly, neighborhood poodle that shampoodles the hell out of your head and forms it into a new hair style! Or, Kicks! The stinky skunk that provides you with new kicks for your tootsies. Or, a tropical island that you can go to and play mini games with your friends. The game won't let you rush these events. Every day, so far, has felt fresh and exciting, with something new to do. It's really great. I also find it hilarious to see the board on gamefaqs, as everyone is on the same day and talking about the new activities that have opened up.

Of course, you can cheat and set the day ahead on your 3DS, but that ruins the game. Time traveling is stupid.

"Hey, guys! I was just time traveling so my fruit would grow... Wait a sec..."

The Multiplayer has been improved. There's still the friend code bullshit that Nintendo insists on, but it's just a bit better now. You can add people to your "Best Friend" list. This creates much needed tension between friends who you don't want to consider besties, as well as a way to know if they're online. You can also talk with them without them being in your town, which is a really cool touch.

Now, I have a serious complaint with this game. It comes in the form of one of my neighbors. It's name is Peggy.

I've come to ruin your fun!

Peggy is hideous, and she's taken up residence in my town. She is, by far, the worst part of Animal Crossing. Not only is she fugly as all hell, I talked to one of my neighbors, and she referred to Peggy as a boy. Later that same day, she referred to Peggy as a girl. I've since been on a quest to figure out what, in fucking god's green earth, Peggy is. I have come up with no answers.

She sluts around my town and gets fleas almost every day. If I talk to her enough times, she goes insane, thinking she's been stuck in a time loop. I often times send her hate mail, telling her to get processed into bacon, and attach a rusty tin can or used tire. I do this with good intentions, of course. I know full well that she plans on using this garbage to add flavor to her daily slop.

Overall, this is a fantastic game. If you're bored of real life and want to play fake real life on your 3DS, then I can not recommend this game enough. There's so much to do, and it just doesn't get boring. It's the best installment of Animal Crossing yet, and I plan on playing this one for a good, long time.

I think this is a must have for your 3DS. It's priced very well, and you'll get many hours of enjoyment out of it.

Jamirus concludes that this game gets a 9.5 / 10

Fucking Peggy dropped this shit by .5


  1. Gorilla Examining Horse HoofJune 12, 2013 at 11:33 PM

    Is that Pegi the same one I keep hearing about that is 16?

    Anyway the game looks fun, I'll keep a visual of it around my perimeter.

    1. :D

      I tried to date that Pegi when I was 14... Didn't go well.

  2. Loved the Gamecube one... Haven't played any others. :)

    Haven't had a Nintendo since the 'Cube... The Wii U may have to remedy that!