Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Luchalma Lingo - Butter Pocket

Butter Pocket

A small bubble of smooth gameplay surrounded by choppiness.
An Oasis.

"I found a butter pocket. I never want to leave here."


As a primarily console gamer, the idea of "60 frames per second" is largely a myth, spoken of only in hushed tones and written on arcane tablets. My experience with gaming is one in which a bit of jerky stuttering is not only expected, but customary. The spasming citizens of Crimetheft City 2000 are greeted like old friends.

On the rarest of occasions however, while playing my Powerpoint slideshow of a game, I will enter some ethereal void. One in which characters and objects move naturally, where birds don't twitch their way across the sky.

It's......it's beautiful.

This picture of an astonished baby is the best way to show how I feel at that moment.

At that point, I have two options. Stay in this beautifully smooth butter pocket for all eternity, or face life in the quivery world outside. Unfortunately, by its very definition, a butter pocket will be the point in the game with the least amount of interesting things onscreen.

So, as with life, you're forced to accept that you must move on instead of enjoying good things for even a little while.

This puts the butt in butter, am I right?
Hey...hey don't leave!


  1. I think I watched my brother play World of Warcraft once at 60 FPS. It looked really weird and disorientated me.

  2. Gorilla With Grand PubaNovember 8, 2012 at 11:44 PM

    It's hard to imagine that ass smelling bad at some point. Just think about that, at some point in time, that nice, firm ass smells absolutely disgusting.

    That's not a guys ass is it? I've been tricked into getting aroused by a guys ass in the past.

    1. †hat entire post was worth reading for this guys take on nice firm girl asses. I LOL'd.