Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Agreeing to a Sausage McMuffin Unknowingly #21: Dead Hungry Diner

I'm a zombie, you know what I mean. And I do my little turn on the catwalk.

Too many zombie games on the market? Right, said Fred. But how many of them see the zombies get your brains? That is, without you losing. NONE. Until now.

Catering to all the brain-dead hungry players.

So, being the woman I am, I spend a lot of time in the kitchen. You know, making buckets of brains for the local vampires. When I launched this game, you can imagine my excitement at the very idea of waiting on a bunch of zombies.

Still better than Pizza Hut.

The game is classed as a "casual" game. And that's the first lie. There is NOTHING casual about this game. I got 3 (out of 3) Michelin stars for the first level... the tutorial where you get to serve an entire one customer. And it was all downhill from there, baby. Level 3 was failed 5 times before I managed to get a measly one star.

This bitch is just standing there like "...Whatever."

You are immediately bombarded with a line of customers, whom you need to take their order, then return to their table to grab their bucket (which in itself makes no sense, shouldn't these be kept in a kitchen?) and then return to the chef to get their meal. THEN you need to take it back to their table, then collect their money. This is going on with a whole lot of tables at once, a queue larger than Mount Rushmore waiting to be served and customers who cannot sit next to each other without starting a fight. Yes, they stand patiently in queue together but they don't want to dine next to each other. Frankenstein has to come over and break them up.

Well that's a fine kettle of fish bucket of brains.

WHY THE FUCK IS THIS GAME SO HARD? I'm only on Level 7 (out of 50). Hell, I doubt I'll ever finish it. And, difficulty aside, who the fuck sets up their diner... outside, in the middle of a cemetery? This game can get fucked (and not in a fun way.)

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  1. This game is harder than I was while watching the volleyball scene in Top Gun.

    No mean feat, I'll tell you.