Sunday, December 22, 2013

Captain Branbekkasword #13: 9.03M

Another day, another weird game. This time with a nonsensical name.

Like Proteus, 9.03M is a game where you primarily walk. Unlike Proteus, this:

In case you missed the important bit:

That's an objective. That's something to do. You're still just walking and looking at things, but unlike real life you have a purpose.

You start the game on a beach and-Whoa, what the hell?

For some unknown reason, this game has inverted look on by default. Like, with the mouse. Does anybody play games like that?

*smacks 9.03M's hand* No.
Anyway, it's pretty obvious where the game wants you to go. There are floating orbs of light that lead you from event to event. Telling those orbs to fuck off and walking away will teleport you back. At the end of each of these trails is a ghostly silhouetted person.

As you approach, they disappear, leaving behind an object. On each of these objects is a clue you must find via an awkward rotate interface.

You see a clue? Where?
And that's really all you do. Follow the trail until you find a person, examine the object and a butterfly comes out of it. What the hell kind of game is this? So stupid!






  1. It was a very beautiful game..

    The ending was sad, once it all clicked what it meant. All the mementos, all the untold stories of the victims..