Sunday, December 29, 2013

Branbekka Plays the Hits: #20 Dungeon Hearts

Finally. A music game that *might* top Um Jammer Lammy.

Dungeon Hearts is a music game unlike any other. It looks similar to Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, but it plays quite differently. (Well, duh, there's no stylus for one, and no cute little chocobos running along screen to throw you off your game.)

Like a Bat outta hell.

To defeat your enemies with your music, you must move the notes along the staff to form matches of 3. Each character has their own colour, and when you make the match, a diamond will appear. Click the diamond to attack. You can gain additional damage by putting diamonds together, or having single coloured notes in the same row as the diamonds.

This is what the boy who cried wolf should have done, tagged along some of his musical friends.

After you defeat each monster, you have to then match the experience you get (in the form of musical stars) if you want to get stronger. There is no break between levels, the game constantly scrolls. Though, there is the option to pause, and even save your progress. However, if you're like me you like to keep your head in the game (like EA sports).

Ohhh, so that's what an albino snail with candy cane stripes looks like.

There is not much time to make matches as the levels scroll on, and the enemies also have more attack notes on the staff. Some notes become unmovable, including the enemies notes, so to destroy those you need to act quickly. Even when being careful, your characters can start dying before you can say "Abra, Kadabra, Alakazam".

This is the game that never ends, yes it goes on and on my friends.

The game also features an Endless mode. You face dark versions of your 4 characters, and every time they are defeated, it gives you a number of how many battles you've won against them.. before they pop right back up like an unwanted erection.

And on that note: (♫) I bid you farewell, only in a way cooler way than the cast of the Sound of Music ever could. WAY.


  1. Ahhh, you have to remember: Bass clef is on the BOTTOM. Once you remember that, this game becomes a cakewalk.

  2. Treble Clef is on the top.

    Replace cakewalk with catwalk, and you got a deal, baby.

  3. *Throws coins* THE PEOPLE DEMAND MORE!

    -Not Evan ;D

    1. I'm not some kind of cheap slut. You could at least chuck me a fiver. :(

      -Not Evanie ;D