Saturday, April 21, 2012

Luchalma Lingo: Beoufing


To charge the enemy recklessly and stupidly, usu. when death is the only other option.

"I'm almost dead, I'm gonna start Beoufing him"
"I've got no choice, I've gotta Beouf this boss"


In the blockbuster action extravaganza I Robot, there comes a point where it's full on war between man and machine (Spoilers!).  The stakes are high, and Will Smith is off doing some Will Smith business (chilling out, maxing, and relaxing presumably). Of course, my stance on approaching robot menaces is well documented (I beware them). So who's coordinating the fight against the robots? Who is representing humanity in this grand battle against automatons?

Shia. LaBeouf.

Yes, this guy was the one down in the streets leading the charge.

Pictured: The face of a warrior.

 In game terms, Beoufing is saying "Fuck this" and unleashing an all out assault on a superior foe. It's not a wise strategy in most cases, but darn it, some time you just gotta Beouf some fools.

It's not necessary, but it also helps to yell out "Chhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrge" as you're running to almost certain death. Shia would be proud.

For Optimus!