Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Luchalma Lingo: Smith Hands

Smith Handing

To be forced into doing something you don't want to do, esp. in a video game.

"This boss is totally Smith handing the shit out of me."
"I got Smith handed into watching this baby."


Quite a while ago, a game was released by the name of Enter The Matrix. It was unpolished and glitchy but was quite underrated. But that's not the point! There was a level where your character had to run away from Agent Smith. When he got close to you, he had the tendency to "suck you into" his hands. This was your character out of nowhere making the transition into the "being grabbed" animation by Agent Smith. You had no control over whether or not you were grabbed, he just teleported you into his mighty fists. This is Smith handing.

What probably maybe didn't happen.

But this was only giving a name to what is a pretty common occurrence in video games. If you've played any decent amount of games over the years you've experienced this.

That time you were stuck in a jump animation when you get hit.

The boss that attacks you, and before you can recover or react, attacks you again.

That jerk in the fighting game that keeps you in the corner.

That time that stupid Rathalos knocked you on the ground in Monster Hunter, and you watch in horror as it charges at you while you're still going through the "get up" animation.

All examples of Smith handing.

These bitches don't even have hands, but that never stopped them from Smith handing the crap out of you at every opportunity.

So remember, if almost never your fault when you die in a game. It's those Smith handing cheaters.

"Oh man, just give me a reason."


  1. I remember the game!
    For what it's worth, it ran so much better on PS2 than the original xbox.
    In addition, zangief LP screw piledriver in SFXT is a smith handing technique.