Saturday, July 6, 2013

Jamirus is still playing after all these year?

I can't believe it's already been a year since I purchased Final Fantasy Theatrhythm. I was so hyped for this game, and let me tell you. It did not disappoint. In fact, I still play this game pretty much every day at work. Let me take a moment to congratulate Final Fantasy Theatrhythm for holding my ADHD attention for one whole fucking year. Now that's an accomplishment.

Good lord, I love this game.

Let me boot up my game and let you know the progress I have made in it, shall we? First of all, I now carry it in a sweet lunch box with my name on it, so that all the cool kids at work don't steal my lunch. *Unzips lunch box* Aaah. Here's my 3DS. But wait, it's being held in an awesome case, so if my clumsy ass drops it, it won't shatter into a million peices. (Disclaimer, I've dropped my 3DS without the case and the game card shot out on the cement. It didn't shatter.) *Rips off the Velcro* Okay, let's see here. Castlevania's on? Oh yeah. I'm in the middle of a Hard Mode Level 1 game of Castlevania Portrait of Ruin. Perhaps I'll talk about that in another post. Okay, let's put in Theatrhythm... and... There we go!

^^You don't actually have to read that, I'm just being dumb. Like Banana says, pound comments into my asshole, or whatever.

Okay, first of all, I had Snow as my leader for some reason. I'm sure Banana will appreciate that. ;)

Off to the Museum to look at my accomplishments in a year!

So, I've been actually playing this game for 117 hours and 56 minutes. Damn. I didn't even put that much time into Skyrim (as a side note, I just looked up on gamefaqs to make sure there wern't 2 M's in Skyrim and I see that there's a new Telltale Walking Dead Game. YES!)

I have played a total of 1182 songs, and perfect chained 387 of them.861 of those songs being played in just the Challenge mode.

At this time, my tops songs are:

1. Etro's Champions - FF XIII-2. Platyed 21 times
2. A Fleeting Dream - FF X. Played 20 times
3. Blinded By Light - FF XIII. Played 19 times
4. The Decisive Battle - FF VI. Played 19 Times
5. Battle 1 - FF III. Played 19 Times
6. Battle 2 - FF III. Played 19 Times
7. The Crystal Tower - FF III. Played 13 times
8. Ragnorak - FF XI. Played 13 times.

Those are some really fun songs to play.

Overall, my character usage is:

1. Terra - FF VI. Used 592 Times - 43.2%
2. Warrior of Light - FF 1. Used 337 Times - 24.6%
3. Kain - FF IV. Used 310 Times - 22.6%
4. Cloud - FF VII. Used 307 Times - 22.4%
5. Firion - FF II. Used 271 Times - 19.8%
6. Cosmos - FF Disidia. Used 243 Times - 17.7%
7. Shantoto - FF XI. Used 239 Times - 17.4%
8. Minwu - FF II. Used 222 Times - 16.2%

Clearly, I like Terra. Final Fantasy VI was my first and favorite Final Fantasy. I can't not use Terra, even though she isn't optimal for destroying monsters during a battle song.

On to the trophies. I've collected 53/64 of the total trophies in the game. Since no one else around me has the game, I will most likely never complete the trophy list, as some require street pass to obtain. I guess that's not a big deal for me. Some of the other pretty much unobtainable trophies include perfect chaining all songs on Ultimate, which is extremely difficult.

I've SS'd all the main songs on Ultimate and at least beaten all of the DLC songs on Ultimate. Some of the DLC songs are just outrageous. Like Force Your Way from Final Fantasy VIII. That's just never going to get anything more than a B.

Speaking of DLC songs. I have them all, and enjoy playing most of them. Since this game has come out, another version on iPad and iPhone has come out, and I hate that. It has some exclusive songs including "You are not alone", which is a fucking shame that it didn't come out on the superior 3DS version. It also has some new characters, which is also a slap in my face. I don't want to repurchase this game just to play as Celes. That's fucking stupid, and I hate Square for it.

As far as the collectable cards goes, I've got them all. 100% completion there. I've also completely maxed the Rhythmia, so there's nothing left to unlock in this game.

Why am I still playing it? Because it's awesome. This game can continue to hold my attention after an entire year, and I don't see my attention leaving for a while. It's an excellent game to play when I'm looking to listen to music, which you guys know I enjoy doing quite a lot.

Thank you for taking the time to read my accomplishments. This post is all about me, and how great I am. Maybe today, before work,, I'll make an actual post. :)

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  1. Gorilla WIth Propellor HatJuly 7, 2013 at 11:34 PM

    >>At this time, my tops songs are:
    1. Etro's Champions - FF XIII-2. Platyed 21 times<<

    It's awesome to see that they included characters from Sega games too, and they didn't just confine themselves to using Final Fantasy characters. I recommend using that feller with the lion head