Saturday, March 15, 2014

There's more to being a woman than painting your nails #38: Hexcells

My beautiful boyfriend has taken quite a shine to Steam's new "tag" system. Following the "puzzle" tag, he came across this game (and got it for me ♥).

When describing Hexcells, I am going to resist the urge to do so using the Simpsons Monorail description. (Hex = Six, Cell = Cell)  

Each puzzle is made up of hexagons. The hexes are mostly yellow when you begin, these are empty hexes. You are also given a few grey ones- numbered hex, which are a good starting point to the puzzle. The grey hexes will have numbers on them. If the number is a 3, this means 3 of the empty hexes surrounding the numbered hex will be part of the pattern. It's then safe to destroy the other hexes surrounding the numbered hex.

To include the hexes as part of the pattern, left click your mouse. To destroy them, right click. It sounds pretty straight forward but it can get tricky at times.

A puzzle that's almost done and dusted.
There are 6 worlds worth of puzzles. The difficulty is bumped up a notch upon reaching World 3. There are now numbers above the columns indicating how many hexes are part of the pattern in that particular column. If the number above the column is in parenthesis, this means that there will be x amount of hexes in that column AND they will be adjacent.

A taste of the third world.

World 4 brings parenthesis into the numbered hexes themselves. 

..and the forth.

What happens during World 5 and 6? You're just going to have to get the game and find out. It's totally not because I haven't unlocked either of those worlds or anything. 


  1. Gorilla Smelling CrotchesMarch 20, 2014 at 9:20 PM

    My intelligence level prevents me from understanding this.

    1. Ehhh. Really hard to explain, but a lot of fun. I think you'd get it once you had your hand on your


    2. It's very simple, really. Deceptively simple, you might say.

      Minesweeper + Picross = Hexcells

    3. Lilly is deranged. You might say that, Ted.

  2. Gorilla Throwing ChairsMarch 23, 2014 at 7:48 PM

    I never played Picakross but I'll be picking up Lilly Looking Through The Glass soon, next sale I reckon.

    1. Oh, wicked! Hmm. I'm in the mood for a good P&C Adventure.