Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Performing Kidney Transplants Absentmindedly #41: LYNE

Continuing with what has apparently become an obsessive quest to play all the puzzle games, Branbekka has decided to add LYNE (pronounced la-yen-eh, maybe) to the already massive list of games to review. How does it rate on the Kami-scale (the metric by which all semi-cooperative puzzle games are judged)?

LYNE, like another puzzle game which will not be mentioned, is deceptively simple™. In it, you are tasked with connecting a set of shapes from a beginning to end "node" without crossing lines. Since that description is only slightly less than not at all helpful, here is a visual aid:

Figure 1.1: ————————►
It starts out (deceptively) simple enough, connecting a shape here and there with little effort. But it begins to add elements steadily to complicate things. Things like this box which has to be penetrated a certain amount of times.

Don't cross the streams.
Then it's three shapes. THREE. You're just breezing along, thinking "Yeah, I got this shit. Triangles and diamonds". And then the game's like

And who KNOWS what the hell they expect us to do with that! *dramatic arm movement*

It just gets more and more complex and there's like a billion puzzles so you and your Australian girlfriend will be plenty busy.


  1. Nice review babes. I bet if there was a leader board, Slayer would be WAY at the bottom.

    So many choices, how do we know? ♫

  2. Gorilla With Daily Puppy IdeaMarch 25, 2014 at 10:16 PM

    So this is that game you sons a bitches keep playing. Seems like the whole "Lyne" thing is rooted from the word "Line". It's basically a play on words so to speak.