Sunday, April 6, 2014

I can't believe it's not Mercenary Kings #42: Magical Diary

Magical Diary is a visual novel game. You play as a 16 year old girl who finds out she's a witch. Follow her life, and make choices along the way for different outcomes. It's pretty standard stuff.

First things first, make your character. Your stats start out as such-

Mhm mhm.

After some dialogue, bumping into teacher, meeting some chicks, orientation, yada yada yada, you are given a 5 day schedule in which you get to pick your own classes.

Sleeping all day if I so choose, seems like my kinda school.
Anyhow, my classes begin. Then I find out my red magic teacher is:

So, back to school with the Professor the kids have named Grabby. (Kind of perverted. There's even a reference where the main character thinks he's going to grab her...)

Turns out, he's an asshole. DUN DUN DUN.

Shame, really. Red Magic sounded badass. I gain a stress point, though I do gain some red magic knowledge.

It just kind of swaps to Tuesday, yep. Just like that.

This ol' bat ain't half bad.
Fastforward to Friday, and the gym is empty. I guess when you're surrounded by magical elders, you can't really get away with much, so they just leave you to your own devices.
Then, a creepy guy appears. We find out his name is Damien and he makes a pass at Rebecca and she's all like "wat" and he's like, "like, oh my god, like, everyone thinks I'm a freak but I was born this way, dammit!"

On the weekend, I discuss some serious things with my roommates:

Wizards from Africa. Because of course they are.
 Then I am invited to the Mall. Me? Shopping? Lol. No.

Onto week 2 in this crazy wizard school. All the freshman (like me) are assigned a seniour and Rebecca gets Damien, which I saw coming from a kilometre away. Damien advises me to do some Blue Magic, and I've always been a Quina fan so I oblige. And one more thing, the seniours have all this crazy power over the freshmen for some reason. They order you around and it's meant to get you used to following orders.

Back at the dormitory, I'm given the choice between telling my friends not to worry about appearances, because of the nasty stories going around about Damien, or side with them and agree he's a demon.

Fuckin' bitches. Great friends they are.
On Monday morn' I run into Damien. He tells me to write him a love letter. Obviously, Rebecca has to do it.

Damien's orders.
Rebecca doesn't know where to begin on the letter. After all, she's just a girl, tee hee.

Her friend helps her with an idea to compare him to something. More choices ensue.

Thus, with my decision, the letter writing begins.
Er. Um. Well, okay then.

Anyway, as I'd chosen the blue magic class, I had another encounter with the teacher. Someone had given him the letter.

I choose the option to own up to writing it, but don't get a chance to explain the circumstances. I'm given a Saturday detention, and I lose 10 merit points.

Rebecca realizes she's given the letter to Damien, which can only mean one thing. He's set her up. Afterwards, she meets up with him.

Well, that all worked out well. The professor ends up reinstating my merit points and giving me an additional 10 because I was courageous enough to own up to it. The detention is cancelled, also.

After initiation has ended, Damien gives Rebecca a present. A box of butter! GET IT? GET IT? And he tells her she can have it all to herself.

Fair warning- This game is riddled with innuendo.
Trim your hedges, ladies.
Anyway. That pretty much sums up the game.


  1. I'm not into anime babes, but that Damien chick is pretty hot.

  2. Just what the hell have I bought here.