Monday, April 14, 2014

Eggsellent Easter #2: Toki Tori

Welcome, RoboBlog readers. As babes stated in his last review, it is indeed Easter Week. Whoever had this idea is the WORST because it meant I had to play Toki Tori.

Looks are deceiving. You would think a game with a "CUTE" (at least according to some) chicken would be easy. But NO. Toki Tori is hard as chicken balls.

The object of the game is basic. You're a chicken. Get the eggs.

The tricky part is figuring out how to get all the eggs. Toki Tori has some powers. (Too bad he doesn't have telekinesis because it would have saved me a helluva lot of effort.) His powers include teleporting one space up. What is he? A chess king with teleporting powers? APPARENTLY YES. YES HE IS. (I've seen Sonic Chess and Mario Chess. Toki Tori Chess, coming to a store near you.)

Winning at Life. And Toki Tori.

Toki Tori can also place down bridges to bridge gaps and shit. Because for some reason, this chick can't fly.
There's also an ice gun that freezes enemies. It seems to be indefinite. In that they don't defrost. Despite the fact that we appear to be in a tropical environment.

The puzzles are quite difficult to solve, they all seemed to take me a few do-overs. If you needed to freeze one enemy, there'd only be one shot in the ice gun. If you need 3 bridges, there's only 3 bridge pieces. So you need to think things through carefully. And even when you do, there's no guarantee you haven't fucked it up.

Frankly, I found this game infuriating. There is a "rewind" option. Which didn't really help anyway. Maybe I just suck at puzzles. But the KAMI expert in me says, "No way, you're unreal banana peel."


  1. I can't say that I'm entirely knowledgeable on the matter of the hardness of a chicken's balls. As a science babe though, I feel confident with applied mathematics and Figure 1.1, I can create some sort of test to determine said hardness.


      I may have mixed up some numbers somewhere. You know what they say though: Good science always involves a good amount of guesswork.

  2. Nice maths, babe. Nice metric system, babe.

  3. This game was pretty fun, I liked it.

    I have a coupon for 10% off the second for trade.