Saturday, April 19, 2014

I wish Easter had Robotbirds #6: Rocketbirds- Hardboiled Chicken

The best thing about Easter is chocolate, no doubt. But did you know the Easter Bunny's sidekick is a Rocketbird?

Rocketbird is on a mission to take down the dictator in... Rocketbird World..? It's gonna be a thing.

At least the dictating bird wears a cool hat.

There's nothing I like more than a bird with a gun, well, except George Clooney. (The guy from the coffee ad.) Lucky for me, Rocketbird can not only shoot, but he can also roll.

You dare try and outroll me, Rocketbird?!

The first few chapters are pretty uneventful. Finally, I'm able to use a jetpack. I shoot down a few bad guys (after figuring out I can't just "skyroll" past them.) Then board the zeppelin that's there... for some reason.


Inside the zeppelin, it's basically pew pew, roll, pew pew, grab keycard, set self destruct sequence, pew pew, roll, roll, down the elevator then I'm Ms Splosion Man.

Stop, drop and roll.

 Next chapter, I'm greeted with a giant tree. I get a few Lilly Looking Through flashbacks. I make my way through a prison and one of the prisoners gives me something to manipulate the minds of the evil penguins.

Will Rocketbird save the day? Forget the fact that there's a sequel due out soon, the answer COULD amaze you. You better pick it up and find out before all the copies "FLY AWAY".


  1. The Prince and Rocket Bird ain't shit when it comes to the roll.

    Rick's pretty good at it too.

  2. Together forever and never to part

  3. He tried to get me with that link over STEAM CHAT as well, I didn't fall for it because I no longer click his links, I have a reminder on a sticky note, on my monitor. It's the only sticky note there.