Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Bunny Behind the Scenes #5: Bugs Bunny: Lost In Time

Let's try a word association test. What do you think of when I say the word bunny?

You thought either Bugs or Easter.

Well it's Easter Week and this is a Bugs Bunny game, so this shit's going to blow your goddamn mind.

There's a lot of Bugs Bunny games. Probably. I haven't really checked, but the Warner Brothers have been milking that rabbit for everything it's got for like 100 years now.

The last time we checked in on Bugs, it was an incomprehensible mess of cryptic gameplay systems and no explanation. Lost In Time avoids that problem by going in the opposite direction; explaining everything as if you're either a toddler or drunk and, to be fair, if you're playing Bugs Bunny Lost In Time it's probably not too outrageous an assumption.

"Yeah but....but how do youu throw the applllesh...*hic*....zzzzzzz"

If you're asking yourself "How does Bugs get himself lost in time?", you should probably find something better to do with your life. But if you really want to know, Bugs takes a wrong turn at Albuquerque (or 'Albaquoikee') and ends up in a barn that contains a time machine for some reason. He mistakes it for a carrot juice dispenser, because that's a thing that exists, and it blasts him into a timeless abyss.

"Now I'll set the time period to 'yellow' and be on my way."

 Once there, he meets a sorcerer called Merlin (or Moylin, as Bugs says. I've never noticed this before, but the way Bugs Bunny talks pisses me off). Merlin begins to explain things about time and magic and other shit that I didn't pay attention to.

Bla bla bla. Skip.

After this, it's up to you to navigate around Merlin's castle collecting golden carrots. It involves a lot of complicated maneuvers like:

Pushing boxes

Carrying boxes

Climbing boxes

And the ultimate challenge: carrying boxes to stack up boxes to get on top of other boxes. Once you get all the carrots, Merlin sends you on a mission for something involving clocks and time power or something. Whatever it is, it leads you to prehistoric times, where dinosaurs coexist with Elmer Fudd.

And the bell was ringing in the village square
For the wabbits on the run
This level involves a lot of the same things. Pushing rocks, climbing rocks etc. There's also a hell of a lot of bottomless pits. I spent more time surrounded by blackness than the Wu Tang Clan's accountant. There's these Apatosaurus bitches that keep lifting their heads up and down and you have to jump on them, but the jumping controls are so goddamn inaccurate you will inevitably fall to your death. Only, it's not really death as you just respawn at the last checkpoint with seemingly no consequences. It's more of an annoyance than a challenge.

To be fair, rabbits aren't really known for their jumping abilities.
 At times, Bugs Bunny: Lost In Time will also masquerade as a stealth game. It was 1999. A simpler time when, after the success of Metal Gear Solid, every developer thought adding a crouch button guaranteed massive returns. There's a part where you have the sneak past a slumbering Pterosaur. After he wakes up and catches you, which will happen, he carries you back in the level, and you have to make your way through the level again just so you can fail once more.

Bugs looks stoked. It's not like he had anything better to do anyway. He was going to Albuquerque.
It's at this point you abandon Merlin's quest and leave Bugs abandoned in the timeless void for all eternity.

Happy Easter!


  1. My writing looks gross zoomed in. >__<

    Your review is great, beautiful boy, as always. xx

    His journey through time isn't quite as cool as Bill and Ted's.

  2. I have the Looney Tunes game on the 360, wasn't too bad from the little I played.