Monday, April 16, 2012

Luchalma Lingo: Working for Mrs. Tweedy

Working for Mrs. Tweedy

To have a computer controlled companion obstruct your progress to such a degree, there's no explanation other than they are working for the enemy.

"My companion keeps getting in my line of fire, he's obviously working for Mrs. Tweedy."


A long time ago I played a game called Chicken Run on the Dreamcast, based on the hit movie of the same name. It was a surprisingly awesome game. Think Metal Gear Solid, but with chickens. Anyway, every once in awhile you'd play a mini game, with some wacky scheme to try to escape the farm. In some of these sequences you had to work with other chickens to escape. And there was always that one chicken who messed things up so badly, it's clear Mrs. Tweedy had chickens on the inside.

"Hey guys, what do you say we stop trying to escape and go peacefully wait to be turned into pies."

This of course is a common occurrence in any game that has you playing with NPC companions, and especially in the bane of all gamers: The Escort Mission.

Why else would they run right into a group of enemies?
Why else would they get in your way at every opportunity?
Why else would they give away your position any time you're trying to be sneaky?

They're getting paid by that bitch Mrs. Tweedy, that's why.

Employee of the Month: 7 years running

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  1. oh god... I STILL have a crush on Ashley. ESPECIALLY her white halter top alternate costume.