Saturday, December 21, 2013

Maximum Magilla Mustard #11: Yumsters 2- Around the World

Always wanted to travel? Now you can, without getting off your ass. "What's the catch, Branbekka?", we hear you asking. (Yes, we can hear you. We're badass that way)

The aim of the game is to travel all around the world, eating fruit. Each yumster can only eat the coloured fruit that matches their colour, with the exception of sparkly yumsters who can eat whatever the fuck they want. There will be obstacles blocking your way, which you either need to work around all snake-like, or use a yumster when it gets a power up. The power up is obtained briefly, so you must be quick. Your yumsters lose their solid snake colour, and are able to stretch over the obstacles during this window of opportunity.

Fruit salad, yummy yummy!
There is fruit flies trying to eat your fruit. If you do not eat the fruit quick enough, it will glaze over. You can un-do that with a "fresh spray" that pops up almost never, or by using your powered up yumster. Bear in mind, it IS possible to fail levels. When you have eaten enough, the level is over.

After completing all the levels in a country, a weird music phase begins and the better you score, the better your instrument is. I am not too sure exactly what the point of this was.

Looks like someone's in need of a geography lesson.

 I have to admit, I wanted to finish this game but I am embarrassed by how much time I spent on something so shitty. *coughsmybabytakesthemorningtrainheworksfrom9til5coughs*


  1. Gorilla Sitting Atop GargoyleDecember 22, 2013 at 12:03 AM

    WOW you guys are on fire tonight.....

    Yumsters you say? Fruits and stuff, sounds pretty fun. I'm already knee deep in Dinos Go Home , though, and I'll have you know that I achieved THREE STEAKS IN EACH LEVEL SO FAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *pops wheelie* YEAH!

  2. On more fire than an Amy Holland song.

    3 steaks? that's pretty wicked.