Sunday, January 12, 2014

Presenting conversations about chickens so you can use Steam emoticons #29: The Typing of the Dead: Overkill

Spam bots and the 2 people that read this blog, rejoice. That's right. Bek's back.

After being warned against playing this game because it wasn't worth the 12.50USD I paid for it, I got it anyway. Babes' voice echoed through my head "DON'T TELL ME WHAT TO DO".

If you haven't played the other House of the Dead games, you've been missing out. This one is somewhat different to the others in the series. Now you can kill zombies using nothing but words.

That's the best kind of knitwear.

There are 3 difficulties to select from, originally. All you have to do is type what you see on the screen in the text boxes.

Big Tits. All you guys and gals looking for triple X videos, you found the true hottest site on the internet instead. Holy smoke, that's a long caption. I AM NOT A SEA MONSTER.

I'd like to think I'm a decent typist. (All those years of AIM conversations discussing The Wiggles and riding kangaroos paid off.) The game starts off with very small words, like "Boom" so it's quite easy.

Gradually, phrases are thrown in to the game. Instead of just typing what I see, I find myself reading them and not knowing what to make of a lot of them. There's some sexy things to type regarding "swallowing", and then you'll be typing things like "chaotic emu". It's havoc on the brain, I tells ya...


Every so often, you'll have citizens to save. Well, I suppose you could be an assface and not save them. Regardless. There are living people!

Bekness is an Earth Defense Force master.
Despite being pretty fucking awesome (there, babes, it's in text. AN ADMISSION OF AWESOME), I do sometimes make mistakes. I hope I didn't make you fall off your chair from shock, harder than the time I fell off mine in hysterics. All you have to do to "buy back in" is use half the points you've accumulated for that level. Your best bet to avoid this happening is to type the phrase in front of the closest zombie. There are a few "tricks" the game throws at you. For example, some zombies have bottles they throw which you can destroy by typing a random letter that will come up. However, if you're mid-phrase, the bottle will most likely hit you. I found that I'd be busy trying to scan the screen constantly, (That's F-Zero tip #7) so it would delay my typing seeing what was popping up.

I only put this here because I like adding "U's" to my words.
Each level ends with a boss, and then a cutscene with all of the lulz. The bosses often spawn smaller enemies, meaning you need to deal with them, also. A blue bar will appear under their health bar. Once that is depleted there will be a few more of those appear before the boss finally dies.

Touché, Alma lookalike.

Even though the game itself is quite short, you could always try and improve your score if you care about leaderboards and such. You'll want to beat Banana, though, right? Everyone wants to get in front of that jerk.


  1. This review is like a SARDINE IN A MOTHER FUCKING TIN CAN! ;D

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