Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Code word for *your bro* #27: Windosill

It's pitch black. Turn the lights on, presto.

So. I'm a train, confined to this small section in a shelf. There is a bunch of things to click on in this shelving unit, but your ultimate goal is to unlock the door on the right by finding a cube and sliding it into the slot. (That's what she said)

I'm Blue.
After making it through the first door successfully, I am in a room with a curtain and a pull string. Open the curtain, and see the game's name written out Hollywood Sign style. There is the addition of a blue hand playing with the letters.

Yes, I know that already. Think I'd just enter your box without knowing your name?!
Next up, I'm greeted by a blue bird. I'm starting to question the scale of the items. The rain cloud to the right of the bird appears to be the size of a jellybean, yet the bird in that rocket (or whatever it is) is as large as Godzilla's cock. 

Overly attached bird eyes.

Now, I'm in a room filled with some giant 3D shapes. I like this room a lot. The blue/green combo is kinda nasty, though. I don't agree with the saying "Blue and green should never be seen, except with something in between", it all depends on the shade of the particular colours being discussed. However, in this instance I think they don't blend well at all. Maybe I shouldn't even be bringing it up. But let's face it, what are the point in games like these. To be quirky? Arty? I don't know.

There's more sparkles in here than on Gary Glitter.
Following the green room, a face greets us. It isn't a very nice looking face, but I've seen worse.

Y halo thar.

Nothing out of the ordinary in the next room, either. Just a leg carousel and a Christmas tree that makes pumping noises.
I like the next room quite a lot. It's like a giant watermelon textured ocean. Random crap is emerging from the waves and I see an umbrella but no Shary Bobbins. I was expecting more of a puzzle here, ultimately, though, all the junk is really just junk. I was overthinking it.

Afterwards, a blue bowling ball, or a blue moon, or something, is waiting for me. Also one of my pet hates in video games is present. Invisible Wall - we meet again. After a few clicks I see a small dude flying around in his hot air balloon. I honestly can't remember if he waved at me or if my imagination was exaggerating my frustration at thinking this small man was looking down on me (in both a figurative and literal sense).

These guys have creepier face than a blow up doll.
I hate when trolls want to eat me. In fact, you might say that's my life story. Finally manage to make it past this room, only to find....

Not sure if Ghecko Lion... or Christmas Caterpillar.
...The next one is even shittier. There are so many things to press in here. I keep scrambling for my mouse to move the cursor to the next thing. STAY AWAY FROM FIRE. (A life lesson, about time I sprinkle my Bek wisdom out into the world)

At this time, the train spirals up into the sky. It was one hell of a ride.

Fishin' in the sky for diamonds.


  1. Gorilla Moving Through Ice WastelandJanuary 7, 2014 at 11:27 PM

    >>It's pitch black. <<

    You are likely to be eaten by a grue.

    At the beginning of the article, maybe until the first couple screenshots,I didn't expect to be very interested in this game. But after continuing reading and looking at the screenshots, I think it looks pretty cool. I will add it to my wishlist. I think this would be a good game to play in the midnight hours, some games turn into different experiences for me at that time.

  2. I should warn you, it is very short. It took me 51 minutes to finish. I did actually enjoy it quite a lot.

    I like point and click adventures more than I expected to. I honestly hadn't had much experience with them since I was a young child, but I've been getting into them more lately.

    Thank you for reading. =) Game on.

    1. It's one of my favorite genres. Glad to hear they're growing on you ^_^

    2. Well, it's more just that I didn't really get into PC gaming that much once I got a PS1/PS2.. etc. One of my fave games as a kid was "Just Grandma and Me". And "Mixed Up Mother Goose". >_> Good times. My fave genre was RPG for the longest time, but since starting PC I've really expanded my tastes. I've found gaming goes through trends. Right now FPS is still a huge thing, but I think we're branching out into other things. Indie gaming has taken off more than I ever expected. Also the simulators. What the hell man? I'm still waiting for the stimulator simulator. It's gonna be a thing.

    3. Also technically you "read" it, not "heard" it.

      I can almost HEAR your eye roll. :D

    4. Well, actually I read all of your posts out loud in a perfect impression of your voice, so I heard it from my own mouth.

    5. Awww. You're so sweet. *cuddles*