Wednesday, January 1, 2014

"20 Minute Bubble Puzzle Bek" loves "Babes" #22: Lilly Looking Through

How many of you among us have wished we could go back to the past and change it? I know I certainly have. Too bad I've been looking in all the wrong places. The answer isn't getting a DMC DeLorean. You need to get yourself a pair of sweet, sweet goggles.

In the first area of the game, Lilly's famous goggles are there, hanging just out of reach. Taunting us, laughing at us, like some kind of MrHappyGuy.

The barrel can be shattered, and a ring from the barrel is used on a nearby wagon to aid Lilly's climb up.

Little did I know, reaching the goggles was not possible yet. They were whisped away before I could get them. Well, that's a fine kettle of fish.

G'day mates.
The next scene depicts a bridge, and a vine. It's easy to get to the other side of the screen. But you ain't seen nothin' yet. Babes and I take about 20 minutes trying to solve this ridiculous bubble puzzle. We try magic for tall, magic for small, but the magic we were looking for wasn't there at all.

Note here that a bubble can not be popped by Lilly's body weight, and in fact she can even hurl herself from bubble to bubble, however a giant stick will pop the bubbles and a giant faucet also has the potential to pop them. Square logic is eventually had, and Lilly finally gets those goggles she craves so much.

Doin' a puffin flip.
The goggles allow Lilly to travel into the past with the click of a button. This allows her to move around the screen by using objects that were once there. It's a bit of a mind fuck when you think about it.

In the present, we are seeing lush grass, beautiful rivers and stunning architecture. The past is barren and full of wooden obstacles. I finally manage to direct a stream of water (in the past) to allow Lilly to climb up a ladder, monkey bar across to the other side and make it back to the future.

Lilly likes her some good wood.

Next up, an owl is sitting in a tree. Pester him enough and he'll fly off and leave Lilly some wood. The wood can somehow aid as a means to push a boulder off a nearby cliff. Magical goggles aside, how the wood gets under the giant rock without snapping is beyond me. She can't push the rock without the wood, but can get the wood under the rock without moving the rock. Not even an everyday genius could explain this.

Clearing the rock allows access up to the largest branch of the tree, which is also relatively flat, to allow Lilly to stand on there without falling off. Fucking convenient, huh? An acorn falls from the tree, which lures a squirrel out of a nearby hole. The owl carries the squirrel out of the way, and it's safe to get across. The wood I used earlier (to help with the boulder) now acts as a bridge.

With the magical goggles on, an acorn is replaced with a tree. Sweet, easy enough to get across now, right? This is the first occurrence where a time switch is necessary during actions. Lilly must climb a staircase in the present to climb up a sphere that is unclimbable in the past. Jump 3 times, and presto.

Lilly likes the ball(s).
We must overcome two boulders on a cliff in the present, one of which ruins a perfectly fine sailboat. So I travel back to the past to use the past boat. The boat is docked inside a village, and the next puzzle is a real fucking pain in the ass.

She loses her goggles once more. Goggles are a privilege, not a right, young lady. You oughtta take better care of your property. There was slingshots, fan blades, all kinds of buttons and knobs, but eventually, Lilly is victorious in making it across to a door.

 I got my back against the record machine

The door leads us to a deck with 3 bells, which are under an awning of sorts. Eureka! Lilly's goggles are up there. The goggles go splash into the water below, and I plunge into the depths of the ocean.

Darling it's better, down where it's wetter.

So, yeah, there's another pain in the ass puzzle here. (Puzzles, you say, Bekness? In a puzzle game?) It involves colours. Being the colour wheel pro at my school in 4th grade; (may or may not have happened, you'll never know!) obviously I'm pretty good when it comes to colours. There is 6 colours to chose from, and the way they are squirted out reminds me of a spice weasel. Make them all purple, drain the red, you're left with blue, make them all green, drain the blue, you're left with yellow.

Popping on her goggles reveals another boulder. Rotate it, and she swims up to the next scene. I realize I'm stuck. In the past, Lilly is trapped in ice. In the present, Lilly cannot surface from the water. The cavern Lilly is in glimmers purple. Heading back down through the water to the previous scene appears to be the only solution(?) here. Then, I realize that the colour purple in the cavern has a similar pattern to the colours I used earlier to find her goggles on the floor of the ocean. Yellow equaled light, maybe blue equals ice? So a bit of colour shuffling sees the red escape from the cavern.

The cavern is now useable. Lilly can get the hell out of the water. 3 mushrooms are in the present, 3 in the past, but they're of different heights and the farthest right one is slightly more right in the present. Switching between past and present allows Lilly to scale up the mushrooms. Babes notices a stalactite. In the past, the stalactite is large, and Lilly slides off it. (Probably why she'll never make it in the porn industry.) The present however is juuuust right for her. (Buckle up, Golillydilocks.)

The stalactite snaps, the base of it can be carried out of the cavern. After swimming back past the colour squirters, and up another hole to the right, the stalactite is used to crack some ice that stands in her way. We finally catch up with her little brother, whom hasn't been around for some time.

The final puzzle stands in our way. I am presented with buttflies (No, that's not a typo) and brother running around like he's a hamster, Lilly with her hands frantically at the wheel, colour pumps yet again. The general feeling of WHAT THE FUCK DO I PRESS NOW? is racing through my head like a "Lisaneedsbracesdentalplan" nightmare. Babes and I finally figure out what the fuck to do, and that's it. That's the end. Lilly and her brother tumble through the sky and the credits roll.

Less functionality than Walter.

It's certainly not the weirdest game I've played. And it did have fun moments, it was just so damn frustrating.


  1. Gorilla Starting New Year Off With ViolenceJanuary 1, 2014 at 9:45 PM

    Ah... Lilly Looking Through. I didn't read the last part only because I have been meaning to pick this game up. It has been in my cart numerous times, but I have been holding off until I finish some others. I think GOG has had it on sale for a couple bucks. Looks cool.

    Reminds me of Axel & Pixel a little.

    1. It was on the Humble Store for $2.50 but I missed it. I got it half off on the Winter sale. I got a pretty wicked background when I crafted the badge, and a little froggie emoticon. He needs a nickname.