Sunday, January 5, 2014

Blue Lagoon #25: Jack Lumber

Howdy bloggers, let's cut the small talk and get choppin'

Jack Lumber is a guy in need of serious anger management. After his grandma is killed by a tree, he takes an axe and starts chopping up the forest because he wants revenge.

The tutorial is pretty straight forward. I'm taught how to use slow motion, then how to cut through wood.

Of course it's perfect, I'm Bekness.

Wood catapults along the screen and you have a very scarce opportunity to slice it. Some wood will have arrows, meaning for a successful chop you can only slice in the direction of the arrows.

Whole Lotta Wood

Granny also gives you additional objectives; such as axing an animal and hope it doesn't hold a grudge, as well as typical "get this combo" or "score x amount of points".

There is also a store, Granny's Cupboard. Up for sale we have syrups, for use in levels when you Bek it up. You can also buy memorabilia for your cabin and power ups to make the game harder.

Jack receives letters every so often. He really should stop giving out his address. Especially because some animals take up residence in his home as time carries on. Most noticeably, a wiseass beaver.

Basically the game is playing with wood. But, as usual, I am faced with the "just can't put it down" predicament.


  1. Let me axe you something. Wood you say this game was fun? Or did you get board playing it.

    1. I wood say from your perspective, being a massive wood fan, you wood not enjoy this because it's a ridiculous game.

  2. Gorilla Blocking BulldozersJanuary 5, 2014 at 10:25 PM

    Hahaha that beaver is great.