Saturday, August 25, 2012

Where he at?

Hello, everyone. It's the rare an elusive Jamirus. Much like a Porygon in the wild, I have been very difficult to catch lately.

I would like to apologize, mostly to Luchalma for my lack of content. Lately, I've been busy with life. I know. You've all just said "Uuuugh" with your mouth open to the side, waving me away like a very rude deaf person. My living predicament is less than optimal at this time, and writing anything down on my computer creates a constant flow of ridiculous questions that my high blood pressure just can't take. This would be the reason I'm updating at 7 in the morning.

However, I would just like to let you know what it is I have planned for the future!

Proceeding this post, I plan on creating a new series that will have a less than 1% margin to be enjoyed by anyone but myself! (Oh boy!)

I have finished Kingdom Hearts 3D, so I will craft a review for this. (Shit, now I actually have to do it!)

A while ago I downloaded Colors! 3D for the 3DS, so I'm going to start drawing more at work so I can share my caveman art to you all!

I've still got to do the SNES version for Sounds of our Generations. This is another one that can be difficult to do at home, as questions pour in as to why I'm listening to "shit".

I'll try and get another transcript for "Robotic Buzzkill" done soon, as well.

To recap. I'm not dead yet!

Thank you all, and I can't wait to provide entertainment for you!


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  1. Gorilla With Dog Shit On HeadAugust 29, 2012 at 12:54 AM

    Get your ass back on the Robot Blog, people are getting angry here.