Monday, June 4, 2012

Obligitory E3 Post

As a blog mostly (entirely) centered around video games, it would be hard to avoid the looming giant that is the Electronic Entertainment Expo. Every year, this event showcases the latest and greatest in video gaming. I love it for the wondrous new experiences it presents (even if, as of late, they are all leaked weeks in advance), but I also hate it for the way it teases me with games I want right now.

And then months later E3's ghost will inevitably return to break my heart.

I take special interest in Microsoft's conference. Not because they show the best games. Quite the opposite. Microsoft has a formula they've followed the past few years.

  • Gears or Forza or Fable or Halo
  • New Call of Duty (that, I don't need to remind you, is on every console), but with timed exclusive DLC!
  • Some new apps that no one cares about.
  • Kinect.
  • Kinect.
  • Kinect.
  • Kinect.
  • Kinect.
  • Kinect.
On paper, this doesn't sound so interesting. But train wrecks always sound tragic in print. You have to see it.

Shit. Is.   
Nintendo and Sony have their share of silly moments as well, but only the rich white nerds at Microsoft seem to posses the inability to come anywhere close to cool.  As of this writing, it's only moments until my favorite part of E3. I can't wait!


  1. Skiiitles!!! Oh god, thats enough skittles! You are licking my face off!!

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