Friday, August 23, 2013

Robot Blog: Fruit Review- Part 4; Gorilla's Choice For A Superhero Movie, As Well As The Cast For It: Part 1; The Announcement Of The Superhero Movie, As Well As The Cast For It

 Welcome back to Fruit Review Part 4.  In honor of a new Batman actor being announced today, I reveal who I feel should be cast in a superhero movie. [/bold] [/insert jump break]


The Tick

Starring John O'hurley as The Tick

and Patton Oswalt as Arthur  


In closing, juicy peach, my absolute favorite fruit, gets the coveted award of:



  1. this is 100% gibberish!

    1. Learn to read!

      Oh goodness me, you probably can't read this.......

      *gestures wildly toward stack of books*

    2. Yes... yes, follow me...

      *frantically waves arms towards memo reading simulator*

      And please use proper capitalization and such, when you post comments in my critically acclaimed blog entries. This is a forum, not some text message that you sent to your OMG BFF.

  2. Gah...Peterman is the fucking shit <3