Thursday, September 12, 2013

Fruit Review: Book 3

Wow, welcome back to Part 3.  Tonight's fruit to review is Watermelon, want to know what fruit got reviewed?  Click the article to find out.

At times, I get engaged into intellectual conversations over the internet, and it really reminds me what the grand scheme of things really is.  Just yesterday I was saying to someone:

Me - "Yes, someone, or something, rather, has taken a shit on me.  Does that make me a terrible person?  No.  An idiot? Well, perhaps.  But just as the same way I did not want for this bird to take a shit on me, I also do not desire that you soil my character"

Me - "Realistically if you and I want to evaluate the situation further, we have to think about equity, come the end of the fiscal year."

And that brings us to today's fruit....  G'day, as you can imagine, the requests for various fruits to be reviewed has been quite overwhelming.  Well, it's fucking watermelon

 I prefer the watermelons with the seeds inside, because of the flavor.  Watermelon is named after all the water that's inside it.  This actually happens through a slow process when it's still on the tree.  In it's early stages, it gets filled with millions of little holes in it's shell, caused by bugs biting the fruit.  Come the next rainfall, the water permeates the shell, giving it that watery-like interior.  One could actually say that watermelon is one of the few fruits that benefits from bugs.

It's color outside is green, and inside, it's reddish to reddish pink.  There are actually watermelons that are yellow inside.

                                                             Various Yellow Watermelon

Not many people realize this but watermelon actually belongs to the melon family.  Watermelon's climate of choice is the desert, a home to it's sister plant, the cactus (whose fruit is also very good, reddish to reddish-pink,  and coincidentally, also contains water).  


Watermelon is a great fruit, excellent in the summer, and has been judged:




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  2. That yellow watermelon makes me angry for some reason.

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