Monday, February 17, 2014

Gorilla had ear wax that day #35: Zero Gear

3, 2, 1...

60% of the bloggers here have played this game. Though, frankly, one of them sticks out like a sore banana with his fancy Google logo.

Too "top" for the rest of us, eh, Banana?
Anyhow. Zero Gear is a racing game that is more adorable than Speed Freaks. I didn't even think that was possible.

Babes is off to a flying start. ♥

The controls were really difficult for me to get used to. Gorilla had a similar issue, and at one point even typed to me that the KEYBOARD WAS BETTER. Pick up your monocle, shine it off and keep reading.

Someone's causing a kerfuffle.

The boost bar seemingly never ran out. It would just keep topping up, like some kind of Everlasting Booststopper. 

There was a lot of fun modes, which helps in a racer in my opinion. Racing is a lot of fun (or else why would I play them?) but exciting modes are always welcome.

One of the modes we played was Skee Ball with cars. I couldn't quite figure out how to score the maximum points here, despite us playing it about 30 times in a row.


In another mode, the track was a loop and I didn't quite get the point of this. So what I did was wait for Gorilla to go AFK and then drive him off the cliff.


Ever since watching an episode of Top Gear where they play "Car Soccer" - (No Brits, I refuse to call it "Football") I've thought it looked wicked and I wanted to try it. I finally got my chance on Zero Gear. It was virtually impossible to get a goal and it just felt like it dragged on forever. (Kind of like actual soccer.)There was also a similar mode with basketball. It seemed even harder.

And the winner is.... no one.


  1. I really did have ear wax, it was the only reason I lost so much. Hey remember that guy who kept beating us and not saying anything? What a fucking asshole. "Oh, I'm Irish Andy, I'm the ultimate racer" Fuck you.... and fuck your ass, Irish Andy.

    1. Yeah, he sucked. Don't even get me started on that Luchalma guy. He was hacking the whole time.

  2. Good memory though. Get Joyride, you will like.

    1. Already have it on Kinect. One day I'll plug my 360 in when I can get motivated.